Did I Get It So Wrong????

king wadewes_sheridan_mediumrobertghizYou might well ask how I have got the Island political picture so wrong! Thank goodness Wade has straightened me out by explaining a few things. I never realized what a good job Ghiz and Sheridan did during the last eight years. The more important question is, why did Wade let such capable politicians go? In his nomination speech last night our new unelected Premier stated the following facts. The Liberal election campaign has three strong pillars and eight years of extraordinary  accomplishments. How did I miss the fact, in the last eight years the Ghiz government created 7.000 new jobs!! I do remember the first job he created  for Alan Campbell, but the other 6,999 elude me. Why didn’t I know that PEI business confidence is the highest in the country? I must have missed the item on the education front which claimed early childhood education is ranked highest in Canada.

What sorta confuses me Mr Premier is how Robert Ghiz and Wes Sheridan had so much spare time when considering their amazing accomplishments. Somehow they still found the time to run the questionable PNP program.  Wes Sheridan while implementing HST, found the time to travel to London to promote the infamous e Gaming scheme? Surely if island businesses are so on the up, why did the government write off so much loan debt? Oh wait! I get it, that’s why the businesses are so up. Am I wrong or did I read somewhere that we rated last nationally in education.  Why all the fuss in changing EI benefits if so many new jobs had been created. It seems to me Mr Premier you have painted a very rosy picture for the voters in this election. Some might say you have glossed over a multitude of sins, errors and debacles.

In your closing speech you stated we must resist other party’s negativity , because they are backward looking. Well perhaps looking backward at the Liberal record is what is needed here. Sorry, no one is going to move on until the air is cleared and we know the true facts about the Ghiz Liberal administration.  The Negativity issue has been placed squarely in your ball park and you will need to deal with it. Oh, and Premier, don’t forget the impending $20 million dollar law suit from CMT’s part in the eGaming scandal  Islanders are not stupid some of us are Green but we are not stupid!!

We need real change in this Election, not more of the same old two party planks and pillars. Maybe that should be planks and pillocks?? My advice —- Vote Green –Vote Green  and if you can’t decide, then Vote Green

God Bless and keep reading

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Author of "Lily & Me", "The Royal Navy & Me" and Chapter XXl Armageddon. Writer, blogger and RN Submariner, antique automobile enthusiast.
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