Signs of Desperation

king wadePaul Mac Neill of the Eastern Graphic states the election is the PC’s to lose. I mostly agree with his prediction but I think we could see a few surprises along the way. We are aware there are still three weeks until the polling stations opening, and in politics that is a lifetime. Nevertheless, with their recent announcements it appears desperation has crept into the Liberal campaign. Wade MacLauchlan announced he would not take the full Premiers salary, instead he will be paid the same as the leader of the opposition and cabinet ministers. That is approximately a $30.000 saving for tax payers. MacLauchlan qualifies this by telling us, with the dire state of Island finances he must lead by example!! Then to add a little icing to his sacrifice of income he tells us two MLA’s (if re-elected) will donate their pensions to charity!!!. Why in Gods name would they be entitled to these government pensions plus MLA salaries while still employed by the government.  In fact they are employed by island tax payers, so isn’t that a real generous donation Duh?   Did I mention desperation???What a dreadful mess our island politics are in, and it is mostly our own faults. Why we continue to re-elect the same old two party system is the question we need to ask before going to the polls this time. If we just want more of the same old patronage practices, same old boys running the finances and same old excuses and lies, then carry on as usual. However, if we want real change we first need to change ourselves! Look at the other candidates the NDP and the Greens, ask yourself if you could trust one or more of them to be part of the government. Then take a look at the quality of the PC’s and Liberals we have elected in recent years. Surely it couldn’t hurt to elect a few new Political Party faces, if might even improve things! If we elect a majority PC government we will soon be in the same or maybe worse situation than we were with the Liberals. Paul MacNeill said it is the PC’s election to lose. Well that is not entirely accurate!! it is us,  the Islanders election to lose. So please do not let us lose it again>

God Bless and keep reading

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Author of "Lily & Me", "The Royal Navy & Me" and Chapter XXl Armageddon. Writer, blogger and RN Submariner, antique automobile enthusiast.
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