Maybe She Believes the World is Flat (Susan Anne White)

Why do we keep hearing from these  anti gay idiots of Ulster?????

I don’t know what it is with these so called devout Christians from Northern Ireland? Could it be because they can’t blame or intimidate the Catholics these days, needed to find some one else to pick on. Susan White states, and I quote ” not far into the past, most people would have shared my views”. Well Susan not far into the past you would not have had a vote or a voice and much less be running for public office. Not so very long ago people believed the earth was flat. The Roman Empire thought it was okay to crucify people, feed them to the lions, enslave them, stone them plus several other nasty practices. You might have noticed that today such things are outlawed. You might ask why they are outlawed and the answer is because we know better, because we are better educated and better informed. We know the earth isn’t flat. Well! maybe only some of us know and are better informed? I don’t understand how this woman can smile at the camera while spouting her disgusting hatred and at the same time claim she is a devout Christian.  You are definitely not reading from the same Scriptures as the main stream Christian Churches. However, she is not alone with her satanic views, The Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) have been spouting similar words of hatred for some time now. Such statements as, only a man and a woman can marry and have children. They are attempting to enact laws that would deprive Gays from being served in restaurants or hotels.

Read below, her comments as reported in the Belfast Telegraph. one man-woman377676_380461248692648_566911204_n


Susan Anne White, who caused a stir when she stood in last year’s council elections, is now susan anne whiteaiming to become MP for West Tyrone.

The devout Christian says her campaign will focus on moral issues including society’s “dangerous” homosexual agenda.

She also wants to outlaw rock music, saying it fuels sexual anarchy and drug use.

Speaking to the Belfast Telegraph, Mrs White, who is standing as an Independent, denied imagesthat her views were extreme.

“I don’t consider myself extreme – not at all,” she said. “It is society that has moved. Not so far in the past, most people would have shared my views.

“My views only seem extreme because society has moved away from God’s principles.”

(I would love to have her explain”Sexual Anarchy” what ever the hell that is???????)


Northern Ireland law makers (DUP) want to make it legal to refuse service for Lesbian,Gay and Bi people

God Bless and keep reading.—- Believe it or not I’m still proud to claim my Irish Belfast heritage. Looking back I guess we have had to deal with bigots like this for years and years.

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2 Responses to Maybe She Believes the World is Flat (Susan Anne White)

  1. I don’t believe the world is flat, Sir. Your post about me is nothing but an ad hominem attack and such verbal attacks clearly show your intolerance for my views and your inability to think for yourself. You are allowing the politically correct crowd to tell you what to think and what you can and cannot say. How dare you describe my Biblical views as “satanic.”

  2. irishroverpei says:

    My dear Ms White I was delighted to know my blog actually reached into your tiny narrow world. I was equally impressed to be call a name in Latin!!! that is a first. Well, we have established one thing, you know the world is round! I’m please you used the word “Intolerance” because that is what is at issue here. There is so much intolerance and hatred in our world today, and you, unfortunately are a part of it. I’m sure you can quote me several phrases from the Bible that support your views, we can all do that. However, I have a great deal of trouble understanding how you interpret God words, for example “God so love the world” he didn’t say “with a few exceptions” or “Love thy Neighbour” not just some neighbours. Finally, were we told not to judge? I have been around for a little more than 76 years and in all that time I have never even remotely shared any of your views. I have great difficulty taking you seriously when you say Rock music should be banned, it cause “Sexual Anarchy and Drugs. Both sex and drugs have been around for centuries, certainly long before Rock music. Your statements make no sense whatever. I have been a member of the United Church of Canada for roughly 50 years, we accept all people gay or otherwise, all people can share in our fellowship either ordained or congregation. If you have noticed I sign off my blog with God Bless and keep reading. That would hardly be considered politically correct, Canadian Law states it is offensive to say God Bless (if a person sneezes) in a government building as it may offend some. I don’t suppose I will have succeeded in altering your views, its a shame but at least you will be forced to think. Finally, if you would take a minute please read an older blog that I wrote. It is titled “God! Will they ever learn Part 4 (for you Cee Dee) If you type that into the search window on the top right of the page the blog will come up.
    God Bless you Anne I sincerely hope you might learn from this advice.

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