A Proud Parent


As parents we have all shared moments of pride when our children accomplish good things.  Whether it was a favourable report card, scoring the winning goal or the lead in the school play, parents pride is always evident. My Niece, Ann Rodgers, is presently a parent simply  brimming over with pride. Having just read of her young daughters many achievements it is easy to understand why. Kearsten has achieved more in the first 20 years of life than most of us manage in a lifetime. Ann has provide me with a brief list of Kearsten’s accomplishments, and I’m sure there are many more to be added. My only regret is living on Prince Edward Island, we rarely, if ever have the opportunity to see the shows that Kearsten features in.

She won the acclaimed Governor Generals Award high school level with 11 other awards, recipient of a dozen scholarship upon graduation. Won Presidents Award, Best Actor and Valedictorian for Toronto Film School and has now been awarded the THEA Award for her performance in Elvis’s Toenail, Toronto Irish Players and she is now a Toronto contestant for the International Rose of Tralee.kearsten medal

The 2015 Toronto Rose of Tralee Selection Gala is THIS weekend! www.torontoirishculturalsociety.com

Meet Kearsten,  she is an actress and studied at the Toronto Film School, where she was elected as valedictorian and received the Best Actor Award. She is a member of the Toronto Irish Players and performed in their latest production, Elvis’s Toenail. She is also involved as a volunteer in a variety of other organizations in Toronto’s art world, including The Toronto Fringe Festival, Native Earth’s Pan-American Routes Festival and The Toronto Dance Theatre. She also volunteers at The Toronto Film School, assisting with Saturday Film classes, school plays, and the Art Driven Community (ADC) in Toronto. Outside of her volunteering, Kearsten enjoys knitting, playing soccer, ice-skating, frisbee, reading and playing guitar. Kearsten’s Irish roots trace back to Belfast, where her maternal grandparents lived before immigrating to Canada.

One might say this is just one more wonderful Irish talent. Indeed one of the many that have spread far and wide across this world from that grand wee Land of Erin. God Bless you Kearsten, I wish you all success as a contestant in the Rose of Tralee Gala Festival. I await with anticipation what other great achievement the future holds in store for you.

God Bless and keep reading


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2 Responses to A Proud Parent

  1. Ann says:

    Thank you Uncle Eric for this really nice blog, I would like your fan base to share with one and all to promote this great event because there are East Coast submissions, Toronto, Ottawa and West Coast. Each compete in their own area and then go to Ireland for the Regionals, then the winner of that competes in the International Rose of Tralee. This is a wonderful opportunity for young women with beauty, confidence and intelligence to stand up on stage to celebrate what it means to be of Irish Heritage. The trip to Ireland is an experience of a lifetime. So to all my young aspiring east coast Canadian girls, look to the future and embrace it. If Kearsten can Run for the Rose so can you all, no matter what your dreams may be.

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