Green Green the Party Grows

002001003Today I had the pleasure of meeting Jordan Cameron the local Green Party Candidate for district 24 Evangeline. Two Green signs are now posted at my home in Abram Village. I admit for a few days I wavered thinking I must vote PC in order to keep the Liberals out. I’m over that now and its Green all the way. We may not win many seats, or indeed many votes in this district, but its a first step on the long road to positive change. Having listened to the repetitive rubbish from both MacLauchlan and Lantz, the promises they will never keep, the incessant claims of transparency integrity etc etc.   I’m so tired of hearing those same meaningless words over and over  from the two main party leaders. Neither one wants to talk about the environment, the pesticides on the land, the pollution of the water and the air. The Liberals don’t want to talk about the Ghiz/Sheridan scams, the dishonest dealings of the Ghiz government, or Sheridan and his get rich quick schemes. Its as if all is forgotten and forgiven. The only candidate speaking out for real change is Peter Bevan Baker. He is the only Leadership candidate with real genuine principals and integrity. He is making rational and necessary proposals for real change. I sincerely hope enough people see this as the opportune solution to the same old stale and unchanging Status Quo. We don’t need fancy posters and brochures promising a New Direction. The people of Souris don’t need the promise of a new ambulance, they need a new ambulance now.

As if the above wasn’t enough, in the latest Liberal election event held at Credit Union Place in Summerside on Thursday evening 16th April. They hosted the Federal Liberal leader Justin Trudeau. All the usual crowd was in attendance, Wade MacLauchlan, Robert Vessey and Janice Sherry etc,  two other guests also showed up, Ghiz and Sheridan. Seems to me if I was hoping to be elected as Prime Minister of Canada, or even Premier of PEI, Ghiz and Sheridan would be the absolute last two characters I’d want to be seen with ever!!!. Egads!!!!!wes_sheridan_mediumrobertghiz

God Bless and keep reading

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