Caudillo–Benevolent Dictator????

king wadeA very interesting article appeared in the Friday 24th April 2015 edition of the Guardian newspaper. The article was authored by Campbell Webster, likening Wade MacLauchlan to a South American Caudillo. A Caudillo is a charismatic person who offers to right all the wrongs, he is an agent of change. In Latin American politics over the last few hundred years the people have embraced the new Caudillo. By definition a Caudillo exists to be a benevolent Dictator, he depends on his personality and his great admiration for the people. Through this he is trusted by the people and they simply empower him to do good things as he sees fit. I’m not suggesting MacLauchlan is a Caudillo but I do see several comparisons. The Caudillo consolidates his power through extensive use of patronage, sound familiar?

We often hear Wade state he will fix this or that, Ghiz also used these terms whilst in office. When we mention Ghiz, Wade likes to state “this is not how I do business”.   He repeatedly  states he is not looking to the sins of the past, he is looking forward. In other words forget what has been (PNP,eGaming write offs etc) and just trust me!!!

Finally I leave you with the words of Vaclav Havel the former president of Czechoslakvia.

“We had all become used to the….system and accepted it as an unchangeable fact, and thus helped to perpetuate it. None of us is just its victim. We are also its co-creators”.

Now, doesn’t that sound like our usual red- blue flip flop Island politics. Isn’t it funny the two main party’s are talking about new directions, change, better over sight, openness, transparency, new policies, trust, integrity. They don’t talk patronage, they don’t talk environment, they don’t talk deficit. Do we really want to elect a new Caudillo????Caudillo gone

Remember our last Caudillo and his trusty lieutenant!!!They were last seen disappearing into the sunset with bags of money


God Bless and keep reading.

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