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king wadeI read this on Face Book and believe it really needs to be shared. This is what I have been talking about for ages, how we islanders so quickly and so easily forget.

Just to connect some dots re claims by Wade MacLauchlan- The Real Bully
When irony turns to disbelief and when disbelief becomes hypocrisy one tends to search out the truth of the matter. The Guardian, April 16/15, Wade MacLauchlan declares the PC political ads are “sexist and wholly bullying of individuals and of the political process.” And I said, yes, ironic and disbelieving and wholly hypocritical ! Allow me to demonstrate. Does Wade MacLauchlan know the meaning of “bullying” in its true, ugly form? If we take a peek at MacLauchlan’s tenure as President of UPEI we can conclude that, yes, indeed he does! I submit that Wade MacLauchlan was guilty of two Charter violations and in every violation he was guilty of “bullying.” 1- I recall most clearly the feature story that Ian Petrie of CBC did on the student newspaper, the Cadre. The student paper had reprinted copies of a Danish cartoon and Wade MacLauchlan was on the warpath. MacLauchlan was running to get ahead of the camera because he had ordered the campus Security to confiscate and destroy all copies of the paper. MacLauchlan was enraged and he bullied the student editor to recant and he bullied the Security staff to do their job and to do it quickly. MacLauchlan was criticized by the PEI Islamic Society for denying the students their democratic rights of freedom of speech and freedom of expression. The Canadian Society for Academic Freedom and Scholarship criticized MacLauchlan for pushing his own views on censorship and for bullying the entire democratic process. 2- In March, 2006, the UPEI Faculty voted by 84% to strike for parity with other regional universities re pay, workload, and benefits. The strike became acrimonious. MacLauchlan was seething with anger that this was happening on his watch! He refused to talk with the Faculty and he ordered the Vice President to deal with the picketing staff. MacLauchlan was demanding that the staff agree to a Code of Conduct from which the Administration was exempt. MacLauchlan was loud, demanding, and bullying as he pushed hard for a settlement. An arbitrator finally helped to settle the strike. But what a new and different opinion the Faculty had of their President !This is a direct quote from H. Srebrnik: “one could argue that the President(MacLauchlan) has done more damage to UPEI than anyone on Faculty or staff.” 3-2005- Wade MacLauchlan and the UPEI Administration began to force employees to retire once they reached the age of 65. Six Faculty/Staff employees took their cases to the PEI Human Rights Commission claiming that their dismissals were ” discriminatory on the basis of age and contrary to the PEI Human Rights Act.” The hearings were slow to begin, October, 2009 but in the end the Commission ruled in favor of the employees. What did Wade MacLauchlan do? He appealed the decision to the Supreme Court of PEI! And to further demonstrate his vicious bullying nature MacLauchlan continued to fire employees during the Appeal process. Wayne Peters, UPEI Faculty Ass. May 06,2010 said this: “We just couldn’t believe that the university would take this position.” MacLauchlan’s reaction speaks volumes about the personality of Wade MacLauchlan. Eventually, the Supreme Court ruled against Wade MacLauchlan and forced the university to rehire all the fired staff and pay all compensation! What a sad, sad situation to see Wade MacLauchlan and the UPEI Administration show no respect for human rights for citizens of Prince Edward Island! Does this not define the true ugly meaning of “bullying?” My point is that no political leader is a Messiah. If we use political propaganda to build up a fictional visionary leader we go into a world of imagination and absurdity. Where is the discussion or even statements on Island values, rural values, or family values? Islanders know in their hearts and in their souls that the Ghiz-MacLauchlan Liberals exhibited a pattern of behaviour where greed , corruption, and a sense of entitlement permeated every facet of government. In psychology, these traits indicate sociopathic and narcissistic tendencies! PNP; the HST; internet gambling; loan write-offs; loans and grants to the wealthy and the politically connected- the publication of these scandals and horror stories have embarrassed Islanders in a personal way and they have embarrassed us on the national level. Until someone is charged and held accountable for these scams and frauds and lies and deceits how can we hail the Messiah let alone vote for him? I urge Mr. MacLauchlan to address these issues publicly and to make an intelligent contribution to the debate. Larry McGuire- Independent
A great article Larry, maybe a bit heavy on the bias side considering your own political history. However, it appears factual and accurate, I well remember one of the staff fired because of age, I remember later the person being reinstated. I remember the censorship of the Cadre! Alas!!!King Wade is not all the things he’d like us to think he is. Certainly no Messiah!! just more of the same old same old. God Bless and keep reading

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