Oh No!!!! Not Again, Islanders Never Learn.

Caudillo goneIt is with dread in my heart that we enter the final week of the Provincial election campaign. If we are to believe the polls, and they are usually quite accurate, we are in for more of the same old same old. I listened to Islanders being interviewed on the radio this morning and it seems most have not learned anything. People saying ” I guess Wade is a good guy” or “Robb is a smart young fella” etc etc. I daresay these people said the same things about Ghiz and Sheridan four years ago. Only one or two ever mention the Greens or the NDP. The future looks grim, we are clearly in for more of the same old patronage and corruption. They will be more careful not to get caught with their fingers in the cookie jar, but their fingers will be there just the same. It is so frustrating, we hear so many Islanders complain, they yell and shout, demand inquiries into PNP, eGaming etc et. Yet when we get the chance to change things Islanders continue to vote the same two party’s. I have done everything I can to change Islanders views, I have sent letter after letter to the editor. I have posted and shared so many articles on Twitter and Face Book hoping to urge a change in thinking. The Pen is mightier than the Sword, or so it is said. However, my pen is not looking that mighty at the moment. As the election stands we are in for close race between another Liberal or PC Government. The chances of electing a Green or NDP candidate looks slim at best. Certainly the polls do not suggest a break through for these party’s. But why??? why are Islanders so set in their ways, why do they back down at the moment of truth?. I have to point out the following, if you or I had done the things Ghiz and Sheridan attempted to do, we would either be in jail or maybe out on bail. We would not be at home counting our generous severance packages or waiting to collect our rich pensions. We would not be in line for a lucrative Government job or appointment at a later date when things quieten down. Politicians rely on the fact most of us have short memories and tend to forget the sins of the past. Watch closely, you can be sure some nice patronage job is awaiting Ghiz, and probably Sheridan too. Politician always look after their own. Nevertheless, it is still not too late to change things, please think carefully before you place your mark on the ballot. We need real change and we will only get real change if we change. Don’t settle for the same old two tired party’s, give some new blood a chance. Fail and either the Liberals or PC’s will bleed us dry. And that is the Bloody truth!!!  Remember the more questionable and recent shady politicians when you are poised to vote Liberal again. That doesn’t change just because Wade MacLauchlan said it will. If we are really talking transparency surely we can see through these Johnny-come-lately politicians and their empty promises.                                                              Remember these photos!!!!

First Classfishkill capitol of Canada10552581_271803659682485_965015307353329839_n

God Bless and keep reading

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