A Neigbours View of the Recent Forum.

king wade

It is so refreshing to read the opinion of a like minded person regarding the danger of another Liberal government. I was beginning to wonder if I was the only one with concern about MacLauchlan as our next Premier. If asked what he said at the recent forum, I could not have given a clear answer,he really didn’t say anything of substance.  He is a man with a small repertoire of meaningless and scripted phrases. To us lesser intellectuals such words are called buzz words, or more often than not,  just plain BS.!!!!



The four party leaders met recently at a forum on the environment, answering questions from the public, explaining and quoting from their party platform the actions they would take on each issue.

Perhaps not surprisingly, Peter Bevan-Baker (Green Party) had a definite answer for each question, along with a long-term plan to make it happen, beginning one step at a time. He spoke clearly with passion, knowledge and understanding of the issues.

Mike Redmond (NDP) had only one or two strong answers which were not accompanied by an action plan; otherwise he rambled about the need to “get it done” for the sake of our children and grandchildren, frequently interspersing his replies with wisecracks.

Rob Lantz (PC) seemed startlingly ill prepared to speak on this topic. He prefaced many answers with a description of the problems the pertinent issue presents – and while it’s good for a politician to be realistic (many aren’t), we need to be reassured that something can be done. He spoke often about collaberation with groups, moving towards goals, trust and open government but these are “buzz words” with little or no meaning if not accompanied by a plan of action.

And speaking of words with little or no meaning……………….. Wade MacLachlan (Liberal) delivered little else. He has obviously read or been given a few phrases which he sprinkled liberally (pardon the pun) throughout his so-called responses. “Environmental stewardship” is one of his favourites, but he appears to have no concept of what that entails in practical terms, or even where it could apply. He seems to think diversity in agriculture means planting some blueberries to go along with a larger variety of potatoes. His all too frequent answer is to “trust the science” to reach conclusions – he is apparently unaware that much of the so-called science comes from sources with a vested interest. He showed such a lack of understanding, even on issues as clear cut as fracking, that one wonders if he has ever stepped outside the ivory towers of academia during the past 20 years.

Right now in our province, we are at the very edge of an environmental cliff and if practical action is not begun in the immediate future by a caring, careful and informed government, we will shortly be facing a crisis of soil, water, air and food, a situation which will also threaten the health of the population of PEI.

Do you want to head into this crisis under the leadership of the same party who brought us to this point, and who has no clear plan of action to make improvements? Perhaps no one party can achieve these changes alone. Maybe Wade, with his connections, Peter with his clear, common sense concept, Rob with his youth and ambition along with Mike’s social feelings and humour can join together, and as a team successfully manage to overcome the complex challenges ahead.

PLEASE, think long and hard before May 4th.

Jean Dieckow, Richmond


Thank you for your clear and honest analysis of the speakers at the Monday Night Forum. I share your concerns, and urge all Islanders to give some very careful thought before placing their mark upon the ballot.

God Bless and keep reading  Caudillo gone                And Please Remember these two !!

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