Not The Best Result

king wadepeterNot the best result or the one I had hoped for. However, Wade MacLauchlan should not rest easy on his throne. He squeaked in with a mere 40% of the vote and a reduced majority. The Green and NDP party’s took a huge 22% of the island vote. That is a major break through for the two party’s that last time garnered less than 10% in total. Peter Bevan Baker leader of the Green party won his seat with a resounding victory sending a Liberal Cabinet minister down in flames. The NDP came so very close but failed to win a seat. Nevertheless, the message is a strong one, and Liberals would be advised to  pay attention, no more scandals or underhanded dealings in the next four years. I don’t expect much to change but there will be at least two district recounts. This election demonstrates the serious need for a new system, we need to move to Proportional Representation. Can you image how different this mornings results would be under such a fair and equalizing election system. Almost 60% of Islanders voted for any one but Liberal, and yet here we are with another Liberal majority? Doesn’t make sense and does not reflect the wishes of the majority of Islanders. From today forward we must all push for election reform before we have another Provincial election. Indeed we need election reform right across this great country. The Harper government narrowly squeaked in with a majority in the last Federal Election and they too only had 39% of the national vote. We have to get this right and we have to do it now. Shortly new MP hopefuls will be knocking on our doors asking for our support in the Federal election campaign. Ask them where they stand on Proportional Representation? if they aren’t interested in electoral reform don’t vote for them. People can force changes and we have to start forcing those changes now today,  not sometime in the future. This concludes my rather unhappy Tuesday morning rant about last nights election results.

God Bless and keep reading

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