Apeldoorn Parade

apeldoonrI watched the long Liberation Parade wind its way through Apeldoorn yesterday on CBC TV. The way was crowded with the waving of Canadian flags and cheering people. Children handing flowers to those brave and now ancient veterans of the Second World War. Most of the men and women were in their nineties and bedecked in medals, pins, regimental colours and symbols.  They travelled in  military vehicles all beautifully restored and were the same or similar to the vehicles that brought the Canadian troops here in May 1945. They liberated a starving Dutch population from a cruel 5 year Nazis occupation that began in 1940. This will probably be the last parade, they were celebrated every five years.  It would be unlikely these aging veterans will be able to attend or even travel to another parade in 2020. However it is important to remember the crowds of Dutch people cheering and thanking our vets, most were not even born when the liberation took place. I believe it is a amazing credit to the Dutch people who still show an unending gratitude to our Canadian soldiers. It makes me wonder why I so often see poor turnouts at our own Remembrance Day Ceremonies each November.  “We Will Remember”

I’d be remiss if I failed to mention that today is Mothers Day, and I wish all mothers a wonderful and happy day with their children. I was eleven months old when I lost my mother on 26th December 1939. Celebrating a love for my mother has never been easy for me. So young I have no memory of her cradling me in her arms, but I know she did. No memory of her rocking and singing me to sleep, but I know she did. Make sure you tell your mother today how much you love her. Because you know she loves you.

God Bless and keep reading.

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2 Responses to Apeldoorn Parade

  1. baconburner says:

    Good Day on Mothering Sunday in Canada.
    Re; The Dutch parade of our Veterans and lack of people attending remembrance services in Canada. The Dutch suffered for 5 long years under the Nazi Regime. Starved and beaten, never the less they did not surrender their HOPE for a release. Luckily for Canada our soldiers were the Liberators. This may have been political in WW2 but it did not matter a Bond of Friend ship between Canucks and the Dutch was formed. Over the years many Canadian military men married Dutch Girls. To this day each generation gives thanks for Canada in those bleak days for Liberation and freedom.
    Sadly most Canadians have never experienced the horrors of war That is what I feel keeps them away from Remembrances. Here in the UK it has been a long weekend of Parades and memories. Recreations of VE Celebrations, Bonfires etc. In fact a new film just released is about our Queen and her sister Princess Margaret on VE Day out celebrating with the people of London. Its Title a Royal Night Out.
    As we grow ever older my friend we will be but a distant memory of the past for our service during the Cold War.
    God Bless and keep on writing these great Blogs.

  2. irishroverpei says:

    Thanks Robby, ever the gentleman

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