HMCS Stadacona A question of Security

I read this article on Sky News and it reminded me of an article I posted  some time ago main gateregarding the security (or lack thereof) at HMCS Stadacona in Halifax NS. I receive some very pointed responses to my comments. Clearly not everyone agreed with my views of security. One response stated I should try to come back at night? another said I would never have walked into the secure buildings on the base. My impression was, I had upset several people by even suggesting there was a lack of security. Nevertheless I walked/drove into a Naval base in broad day light. I spent approximately 45 minutes walking around with my family and not one single person challenged my right to be there. See my complete blog for 20th January 2015 titled “HMCS Stadacona, A Question of Security” just type Stadacona into the search box.

I note in the article below the Naval Authorities state that this rating was a very junior sailor as though that would mean he was not smart enough to understand such things!!!

Able Seaman William NcNeilly posted a lengthy document online which criticised security royal navymeasures in place around the Trident submarine programme.

Mr McNeilly, who says he is an Engineering Technician Submariner who was on patrol with HMS Victorious this year, described the programme as a “disaster waiting to happen”.

He claims there are fire risks and leaks on board submarines, adding that security checks are inadequate when submarines are docked at Faslane.

“My aim is to paint an overall picture of what I’ve seen, and to break down the false images of a perfect system that most people envisage exists,” the post says.

The Royal Navy has confirmed Mr McNeilly is a member of the naval service and that it is “concerned for his whereabouts and wellbeing”.

It added that many of Mr McNeilly’s claims are “subjective and unsubstantiated personal views, made by a very junior sailor, with which the naval service completely disagrees”.

Disgruntled Sailor or a whistle blower

This sailor may or not be disgruntled, he may or may not be a very junior sailor but the fact remains he has opened a can of worms for the Admiralty. The Admiralty do not like lower deck ratings pointing out deficiencies to the good order of the Navy. They didn’t in my day and I’m sure they don’t today. It will be interesting to see what unfolds in this case, that is of course, if it unfolds??? or if we ever hear another word about William McNeilly. I also note in the last paragraph the Admiralty refer not to Able Seman McNeilly but to Mr McNeilly!!!

Strange! no one ever addressed me as”Mr”during my time in the Navy???

God Bless and keep readingWhite Ensign on HMS Belfast


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3 Responses to HMCS Stadacona A question of Security

  1. Neville S. Pearson L.R.O. RN Retd. says:

    For your consideration re Liberal Governments (Past, Present or Future)

    Say you are an older senior citizen and can no longer take care of yourself and the government says there is no Nursing Home care available for you. So, what do you do? You opt for Medicare Part G.

    The plan gives anyone 75 or older a gun (Part G) and one bullet. You are allowed to shoot one worthless politician. This means you will be sent to prison for the rest of your life where you will receive three meals a day, a roof over your head, central heating and air conditioning, cable TV, a library, and all the Health Care you need. Need new teeth? No problem. Need glasses? That’s great. Need a hearing aid, new hip, knees, kidney, lungs, sex change, or heart? They are all covered!

    As an added bonus, your kids can come and visit you at least as often as they do now!

    And, who will be paying for all of this? The same government that just told you they can’t afford for you to go into a nursing home.

    And you will get rid of a useless politician while you are at it.

    And now, because you are a prisoner, you don’t have to pay any more income taxes!

    Is this a great country or what? Now that you have solved your senior financial plan, enjoy the rest of your week!

    My only problem is I don’t know which politician to choose, do you think I could be granted 5 bullets as the penalty will be the same???

    I agree with the final paragraph!!!

  2. irishroverpei says:

    Love It Neville, will make a great blog piece.

  3. Neville S. Pearson L.R.O. RN Retd. says:

    No doubt you have “THE FIVE” already lined up!!!

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