Reichstag Burning compared to Proportional Representation???

number4I sometimes have to read a letter to the editor several times to believe what the author is actually trying to tell us. This is the case in a letter recently published in the Guardian and authored by one David Bulger.  He compares the burning in 1933 of the German Reichstag to what could happen here if we adopt proportional represenation. He states or at least suggests Hitler came to power because of a PR system.  I recall Hitlers rise to power very differently, he was made Chancellor with a little more than 30% of the national vote. He was made Chancellor because he and the Nazi members caused so much mayhem in the parliament it could not function properly. If there is a Canadian comparison it must surely be Harper’s second win in the last Federal; election. He won a majority with less than 40% of the popular vote. During that campaign there were accusations of voter fraud, phone calls directing voters to the wrong polling stations, refusing veterans and students entry to political rallies and more!, political Nazi mayhem?? or perhaps just Canadian style!!! Quite frankly there is absolutely no comparison between Nazi Germany, the Reichstag or Hitler. Proportional representation has worked very well in many countries and to date no dictators or despots have been elected. Here on PEI we have just completed a provincial election and while I will not drag out all the first passed the post results again, I will mention one glaring problem. We just elected an MLA by the toss of a coin!!!now surely this alone screams out for electoral reform.PR voting0606347_10152927618266247_3152966434705215743_n

I hope you read the facts I have posted here. They are certainly things to consider. The toss of a coin is just not acceptable in such an important decision as electing someone to government.

God Bless and keep reading

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3 Responses to Reichstag Burning compared to Proportional Representation???

  1. baconburner says:

    Hear Hear well said The flip of a Coin?????? That’s ok to decide who buys the coffee but not a legislative seat that is so important to the electorate.

  2. irishroverpei says:

    Its surely shows the need for electoral reform.

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