Summerside Rumours and Gossip????

king wadeJust one day in (24 hrs)and already MacLauchlan has had to accept the resignation of a newly appointed cabinet minister! Does this not seem just wee bit strange? Do potential candidates not have to submit resume’s before being allowed to run and if yes, are they not thoroughly checked? I find it very odd, because in the weeks leading up to this Provincial election there were rumours and gossip flying in and around the local Summerside coffee shops. I overheard a particularly interesting and perhaps damaging rumour that a candidate in the local area had recently been fired from employment at a city bank because of missing funds? I’m not attempting to make a connection to certain persons or suggest names, as no names were ever mentioned. Besides which I have nothing on which to base this but purely coffee shop rumour. However, that said, it does leave one wondering if we have received the whole story from the premier!!! In this strange world of Island politics we still remember PNP, eGaming, write offs, resignations. Plan B,HST, Coin toss elected, Ghiz apparently needing to spend more time with family etc, and the list goes on.  Did someone once upon a time mention——- “Transparency”?????????? NO! I guess not

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