Tina Mundy —Resign or Fired????

tina mundySee yesterday’s blog “Summerside Rumours and Gossip” there surely has to to be more to this story than just owing an undisclosed property tax amount. One happy day Tina Mundy is photographed signing the cabinet documents of office, she is excited and smiling. The following day there are no smiling photos, but she is suddenly found to be in serious debt and out of cabinet. I listened to MacLauchlan’s interview on CBC last night and other than apologizing for his error in appointing Ms Mundy and for the embarrassment that might have caused her, he really said nothing!!! The whole story seems odd and begs many questions.  If she was in debt and suddenly found herself about to earn a handsome salary as a cabinet minister, would her creditors not have been pleased?. She could have surely worked out a plan for repayment, especially with the Provincial Tax Dept. I was disappointed with the emails and comments about her present difficulties. They mostly seemed to be sympathetic toward her. I was very surprised when the chairperson for The Islands Womens Affairs, came out strongly in siding with Ms Mundy and stating how many of us are in same and similar debt situation. Its is all fine and dandy if we have all the facts regarding and understanding of the financial situation. The truth is we do not have any details as to her present situation. Some might say that is none of our business and in most cases that would be right. However, If you choose to run for public office (Ms Mundy has twice)then you must be aware that your personal history will become available on the public stage. I have to think there is a lot more to this story than merely owing the tax dept. That could have been cleared up quite easily if it was all that was wrong! Putting myself in her situation I believe I would attempt do the following. Offering an orderly repayment of tax debt by issuing a series of post dated cheques against my guaranteed government salary.  Would that not seem to be a suitable and sensible resolution.  The truth is we don’t know the truth! I think there is a lot more to this story than we have been told to date. Once again, we are asking for Transparency!!! but as usual, we are not getting Transparency!!!.

God Bless and keep reading


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