Tis a Grand Day for the Irish

Tis a grand day in the Republic of Ireland. The nation voted overwhelmingly in favour of same sex marriage. What an amazing break through in Ireland, what an amazing break away from the domination of the Catholic church in Ireland. I’m always proud to call myself Irish but today in particular I have even more Pride!

The vote is also the latest chapter in a sharpening global cultural clash. Same-sex irish gay law.CFuJnYSUgAATdVbmarriage is surging in the West, legal in 19 nations before the Irish vote and 37 American states, but almost always because of legislative or legal action. At the same time, homosexuality is illegal across much of the Middle East and gay rights are under renewed attack in Russia and parts of Africa.

Alas, in the the fourth province of Ireland, Ulster, there continues to exists a great resistance to change and to the rights of all people, Gay or Straight. Northern Ireland has long opposed and struggled to remain free from the catholic south. Mostly through fear of the catholic population taking over, of losing power, jobs and living standards. It is a long history of division,intolerance and hatred toward the catholic population and church.  However, yesterdays vote would indicate the South have moved away from the domination and rule of the church and into the new world of equality and tolerance. It will be interesting to see how the North react to this massive change in the Irish landscape, surely a great majority of Northerners will agree with the South. Bigoted people like Susan Ann White will find themselves even more isolated with their extreme views. In case you are not aware of Ms White’s views I will add them below.

Susan Anne White, who caused a stir when she stood in last year’s council elections, is now aiming to become MP for West Tyrone.

The devout Christian says her campaign will focus on moral issues including society’s “dangerous” homosexual agenda.

She also wants to outlaw rock music, saying it fuels sexual anarchy and drug use.

Speaking to the Belfast Telegraph, Mrs White, who is standing as an Independent, denied imagesthat her views were extreme.

“I don’t consider myself extreme – not at all,” she said. “It is society that has moved. Not so far in the past, most people would have shared my views.

“My views only seem extreme because society has moved away from God’s principles.”

(I would love to have her explain”Sexual Anarchy” what ever the hell that is???????)

I believe over the next months, maybe years, we will see great change in Northern Ireland, people are tired of the old guard and their archaic beliefs. Change is sweeping across the land and will be hard to resist in the fields and towns of my beautiful province of Ulster. Perhaps soon we can be proud to call ourselves Irish, not British,not Northern Irish,  just simply IRISH!!!!

God Bless and keep reading

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