John Jamieson–Not of Irish Whisky Fame!!!

Mr. John JamiesonBROWNtina mundy

Unfortunately this is not the Jameson of Irish Whisky fame! the name is spelt differently, no “i” in Jameson Whisky. Nevertheless, you might need a glass to easy the pain and distress of the latest MacLauchlan appointment. To date his appointments have not been overly successful or have excited the Island public. We first see Richard Brown of PNP infamy re-installed in cabinet. Next Tina Mundy appointed to cabinet,  hired and fired all in the span of 24 hours. Now the latest appointment which must surely cause concern with Islanders regarding, pollution of our air, land and water, the continuation of Pesticide spraying, and most likely approval of deep water wells

The Premier has appointed the poster boy for industrial agriculture, John Jamieson, as the Deputy Minister of Agriculture…the Irvings I’m sure couldn’t be happier if they had picked him themselves, which of course in a way they did. This may be the tipping point for many Islanders…not the appointment itself, but when it becomes apparent that there will be no transition away from our toxic potato monoculture, and when we are informed that the science indicates it is safe to drill those new deep wells. It’s coming, sure as black flies.

Gird your loins friends…rough times ahead. Our vision for the future does not include agricultural practices that poison earth, air and water. It also does not include the shaping of Island agricultural policy to accommodate the agenda of large multinational corporations like the Irvings. Resistance is required.

PS…Wade has also appointed as Deputy Ministers, two individuals who were deeply involved in the PNP fiasco.

So this is how MacLauchlan engages with Islanders, this is his idea of transparency. We are in for four more years of the same old same old. This clearly dictates the urgent need for election reform. Now if you still find yourself doubting my words, take a walk through a few potato fields before they are plowed. They look like  desert landscaps dead,dry and lacking any vegetation not even weeds. This was once the garden of the Gulf????

God Bless and keep reading

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