Brooke MacMillan!!! Reported by Red Like Me

Red Like Me is a Canadian Political Corruption Whistle Blowerrobertghizbrooke macmillan

Brooke MacMillan Gets A Beating at Red Shores Casino After Losing Money and His Job

I’m not sure how factual this story is or if indeed in actually occurred. “Red Like Me” report on a variety of stories mostly about politicians. While its possible they might somewhat embellish it also stands to reason there must be some truth in these reports. If they only published false and or erroneous stories I doubt they would stay in business very long. Anyway, whether true or false, this story has a ring of truth to it.

A couple of weeks ago Brooke MacMillan arrived at the Charlottetown Red Shores Casino with his pal Robert Ghiz. Intoxicated and loud, the two met some working fellows, while shaking hands MacMillan mumbled to one man, “Asshole”. The man was offended and grabbed MacMillan by the throat.

With a firm choke hold on MacMillan, the gentleman began growling while MacMillan, his face turning purple, was suffocating, “You piece of shit, you’ve got nerve calling me names, everything you have, you stole”. Apparently the man then turned MacMillan around and smashed his head and face onto a table, then dropped his death grip, MacMillan fell down almost unconscious. “Hows that Pretty Boy”? the man mocked MacMillan, now gasping and rubbing his ruby red throat.

Security quickly intervened, the Working Man explained he would leave but nobody was going to touch him, he did not do anything wrong in his view. The Chinese have a saying to grab a snake you must catch him by the head, this  was all the man did with an individual who many Islanders see as a crook and a snake.

Nobody wanted to call the Police or take the matter any further. MacMillan and Ghiz are hanging around at the Gentlemens Club since the Casino visit. They like to gamble and drink while they smoke their big cigars talking about the good old days in mutual admiration and self congratulations. See-Ya losers.

news from across the island the Guardian don’t mention

True or False? You decide???? God Bless and keep reading

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