Proud of my Athletic Daughter!!!

I have not sat a  bicycle for many years, I have not been in a swimming pool either and running was never my thing. Except running after the ball on a soccer field. I did do a lot of cycling in my youth, actually biked around the Isle of Wight(90 plus miles) in 1950. However, nothing I ever accomplished compares with what my amazing daughter Susannah achieves these days.

VOCM is a Newfoundland radio station that keeps up to date with local news and events. Below is the report by Renel LeGrowl regarding Susannah’s next challenge.

As a teacher in central Newfoundland sets off to follow another one of her dreams – she’s hoping students might set one for themselves, too. VOCM’s Renell LeGrow explains.




Sue Rodgers is leaving Grand Falls-Windsor next months to complete the Epic Dartmouth – an Iron Man challenge that will put her body to the test.
She’s started the event twice, and last year was successful in crossing the finish line.

Some may ask why, but for Rodgers, she’s says it’s addictive.

But outside her own personal goal, she hopes her quest is sparking the interest of young people in the region to get outside and set their sights on something big.

Rodgers says she sees a different direction for our youth who are spending too much time living in the moment.

She says it’s about looking at your decisions and how they will affect you down the road.

Meanwhile, Rodgers is busy training daily. After a long winter of conditioning indoors, she says she’s now outside focusing on the elements.

That’s my Girl and so Proud of Hernewherculesgblack_big. Bikes have certainly changed, My first new bike looked a lot like the photo and had a Sturmy Archer three speed and hub dynamo. Amazing accessories in 1950, but no helmets in those days!

God Bless and keep reading

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2 Responses to Proud of my Athletic Daughter!!!

  1. baconburner says:

    Well Done Susannah all the best on your Iron Man entry again. fred you must be bursting with PRIDE for her and her goals in life. as they say in the movies Ya Done Good Kid.
    You had a 3 speed bike WOW mine was a single sprocket with no doo das but I had a cool bell. Ha Ha Ha great memories amigo.
    What do think of the FIFA Arrests??

  2. irishroverpei says:

    hi Robby those FIFA crooks!! not before time to arrest them. Have a question for you! I know you do not have a high opinion of the legion. But wondering if you have heard anything about British legions failing? Branch one in Charlottetown is up for sale legion can no longer afford to operate it, Summerside branch sold and they rent space in the building. Others have disappeared in the last few years. Seems to be a trend across the land and wondering if its same in UK, if not, then what are they doing that we aren’t???

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