Coming up the Middle



As the date of the Federal Election draws near there is fear and speculation that Herr Harper might sneak up the middle as the Liberals and NDP split the vote. Of course its a possibility we all know how sneaky Harper can be. I think back to how he avoided contempt of parliament by proroguing. He effectively shut down parliament and gave himself time to regroup. We remember how sneaky he was during the last election with Robo-calls,and stopping whom he considered undesirables from attending his rallies.   I think it was in the 2005 election when Harper won by a very thin margin a minority government. The opposition could have stopped him assuming power by declaring a no confidence vote and forming a coalition. However, it was not the ideal situation to form a coalition the Liberals and NDP would have needed the Bloc party also. That would not have gone down well with the majority of Canadians. This time its unlikely that if Harper did manage sneak up the middle the opposition would block him and form a new coalition. That may not be ideally what Mulcaire or Trudeau want but it beats the danger of four more years of Herr Harper.happy-birthday-harper-banner

Happy Birthday Happy Harper

God Bless and keep reading

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