First Taste of Liberal Transparency!!

king wadeWe Islanders are very familiar with the word “Transparency” it was used endlessly in the last provincial election. Not the least by Wade MacLauchlan who claimed his government would be open, honest and transparent! oops there is that word again. However, we recently saw just how not transparent the Liberals are.  Wade ran around the Island telling us to forget the past and look to a new open and honest future with him. Phrasing his statement another way it might read, let us just sweep the sins of the past under the rug. In March (before the election) of this year the province was notified by Atlantic Lotto of the failed Geo sweep program. It was a bust and the island was on the hook for 4.3 million dollars to ALC. We can’t blame MacLauchlan for this, it was another useless “get rich quick” scheme adopted by the Ghiz/Sheridan gang. But lets get back to that “T”word again. MacLauchlan clearly knew about this huge loss in March but apparently failed to tell Islanders until well after the election was over. So is this the murky sort of transparency we might expect from his government for the next four years. Only tell Islanders what is unavoidable, and even then only give little or no details, we can’t be too transparent if we are to appear honest and open!!!!

And that is my Monday morning foggy view from the tiny village of Abram

God Bless and keep reading

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