Liberal Campaign Begins

trudeauJustin Trudeau made a very rousing speech yesterday launching the opening broadside of the Liberal Party election campaign. It was interesting, to say the least! Full of new initiatives and changes. However, it was also full of promises, something we have grown wary of through the many elections of the past. I was impressed with the plan to bring in electoral reform and end the first passed the post system. Not so sure about the claim he will restore door to door mail delivery. The cost of postage is already ridiculously expensive and the number of people sending mail is declining. He was somewhat vague on the question of filling the 20 vacant senate seats. It is of course a very tricky situation with the present senate scandal in full swing in the courts. Overall, I think Justine may have just improved his polling numbers, if only ever so slightly. He still wears the weight of supporting the Harper Government bill C 5. I believe the biggest reason why his polling numbers were so low. He is also vague when talking about minority and coalition governments. It was suggested the countries presently using the proportional representation system often end up with minority governments, many have to form coalitions.

Nevertheless, it was a good presentation and one that was badly needed by the Liberal party. Justin has gone from blunder to blunder during the short time he has been leader. Perhaps, today’s speech is the turning point so badly needed. I have to admit I was impressed, he made me sit up and listen. It will be interesting so see where he goes from here. The election even though its not official yet, heated up considerable with the latest Liberal platform.

It is important to remember that just a few days ago we had no idea where Justin stood on any of the policies or programs. If indeed he had made a stand at all. It was clear he supported Bill C51 and took a lot of flack over that. Especially when speaking at his old university, he actually lost his cool with the students! So folks while he said all the right things yesterday, I think we still need to watch and listen very carefully over the next few months.

God Bless and keep reading


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