Three Queens.

The Three Queens are (1) Queen Mary 2. she carries 3.090 passengers, cost 550 millions three queensthree queens 2three queens 3pounds. Length 1,130 feet (129 feet longer than the Strand in London)

The (2) Queen Elisabeth cost 365 million pounds and  the (3) Queen Victoria cost 300 million pounds’ Both have a length of 965.5 feet.

Huge impressive ships by any standard.

The Queen Mary 2 treated onlookers to a magnificent sail-past of the city’s historic waterfront earlier this weekend, before tying up at the berth for a little over 24 hours.

During her overnight stay, the 2,600 passengers on board were able to visit Liverpool’s sights and experience the energy of the city as the buzz was building ahead of the May 25 event. Victoria

And to mark such a significant occasion – the first time that all three Queens have taken to the water together – the Red Arrows are also on hand to complete a series of impressive manoeuvres in their honour.

The world famous acrobatic team followed the Mersey, flying in formation over the three ships in what was one of the most extraordinary spectacles that the city has ever seen.

Cunard Director, Angus Struthers, said: ‘The arrival of the Queen May 2 this morning, the largest passenger ship ever to sail up the Mersey, signalled the beginning of Cunard’s Salute to Liverpool celebrations in the place where the Cunard story began 175 years ago.’

This story was one of nostalgia for me because I left Liverpool aboard the RMS Sylvannia a Cunard liner bound for Canada in January 1967. My last glimpse of Liverpool a place where I had travelled from many times when going home to Ireland

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  1. baconburner says:

    The Red Devisl today had their first Parachute failure in 25 years: No one injured:

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