My Amazing Father’s Day Gift

footballThis week my eldest daughter Caroline phoned me and asked if I could meet her in Moncton on Sunday to receive my fathers day gift. I must confess I was a wee bit surprised, and wondered why she wanted me in Moncton?? Caroline had purchased two tickets to the Womens World Cup game to be play in Moncton at 1pm Sunday. When she called we had no idea which teams would be playing because the first round wasn’t over. I have since learned we will be watching Australia vs Brazil. Wow!!! what an amazingly thoughtful gift, I’m over the moon with excitement. I love football and have played all my life although I was never good enough to play professionally. I have attended first division league games in the UK and have watched England play Ireland in an international competition. But a World Cup event, never in my wildest dreams did I expect to be at a game, especially not in Canada. When we began our first under 12 all girls team back in 1975 soccer was foreign to most islanders. Girls in particular were never thought to play in such a male dominated sport. But look at us today!!! the Women’s World Cup  and its right here in Canada. Wow!!!!!41stBB 003History of Girls Soccer on PEI

The first photo is the 1975 Girls Team, the Hillis Oil Stars. The other photo is of me with the 41st Boys Brigade Team 1952, I’m first on left front row

God Bless and keep reading—-I’m off to Moncton!!!

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2 Responses to My Amazing Father’s Day Gift

  1. Brenda says:

    Have a great Day Ben ! What a great gift

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