Politicians & Pesticides

Caudillo goneIn yesterdays blog I told a story of how the word shit came into use. Then last night listening to the local news, I had to re-evaluate that story. It seems more likely it came from politicians who have brown mouths from talking so much shit. Sorry for the crude opening to this blog, but honestly politicians really do get under one’s skin. Islanders probably noticed that the City of Charlottetown rejected a Cosmetic Pesticide ban and sent the issue back to the provincial government. There was a lot of heated discussion both pro and con. Certainly these cancer causing pesticides need to be banned, but how can a single city, town or village enforce such a law? To make such a law work it needs to be island wide, the Provincial government must accept the responsibility and stop passing the buck. While the City of Charlottetown could probably enforce this law many smaller towns and villages just do not have the resources. I listened to the Provincial Environment Minister talk last night, he claims the government are allowing communities to make their own decisions regarding cosmetic poisons. He clearly likes to hear himself speak and uses the latest politician buzz word ” Moving Forward” amazing word!!! especially when he is actually moving backward. The big fear these politicians have, is offending farmers like the Irvings when they talk about banning pesticides. However they also play the blame game, for example if a product is approved by Health Canada then it must be okay and safe to use here. Off the shelf pesticide products are regulated by the Provincial government so they could ban items such as “Round Up” if they choose too. The Ghiz government passed this law back to the communities to handle, that’s probably called moving forward! Now the MacLauchlan government are doing the same thing. The simple solution is for the government to ban all cosmetic pesticides and remove dangerous products from the stores that sell them. Trouble is while the solution is simple, we are also dealing with simple politicians, once again business and profit come before the health of our children. No one is moving, not forward not sideways,not up or down, just the usual stagnant policies of old. Maybe a good kick up the ass might move them forward???

God Bless and keep reading


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