Shopping Wisely!!!or going to a lot of extra work.

tentOur plans to camp and tour are coming together. The tent that attaches to the vehicle ( shown photo) is ordered and on its way, should arrive this week. Yesterday (Saturday) we went to town on a mission to buy a hard top roof cargo box. They are expensive, the Thule (pronounced toolie) is apparently the best and the most expensive. However, as this camping is a bit of an experiment we do not want to invest in a lot of costly equipment we might never use.  So bypass the Thule and on to Canadian Tire, they had a cargo box on sale for $169 but we also had to purchase the clamping attachments,. another $50 , add on the tax and it was over$300. Anyway we bought it and with a flat cart managed to get it out to the car. Guess what! it was to big for the tail gate and had to be removed from the box. Once out of the box it fitted nicely in the back, we took the cardboard box apart and folded it flat and put it in the back too. Off we went to continue our shopping. We had our eyes open for a camper stove and one more sleeping bag. Where is the best place to find such articles, why, flea markets or yard sales of course. Can you imagine what happened next, at the very first yard sale we pulled into they had, guess what!!!! A like new hard top cargo box, it was complete with clamping attachments and keys all for $85. We paid a deposit (no room to take it with us) and returned to CTC where we had to first re-assemble the flattened box and re-stow the cargo carrier inside. Managed to borrow some tape to close the box up so we could bring it back into the store for our refund. Before returning for our yard sale cargo box we had to go to an ATM for some cash, yard sales seldom take debit! So a long story short, we are home now with our nearly new $85 cargo box but its raining so will have to wait for later to install it. I just hope to God it fits, don`t think I can go through another trip like today. It was a very tough shopping day but hopefully worth it, maybe I will find camping easier and more fun!!!! just maybe???

God Bless and keep reading

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Author of "Lily & Me", "The Royal Navy & Me" and Chapter XXl Armageddon. Writer, blogger and RN Submariner, antique automobile enthusiast.
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