Wearing of Late Veterans medals

Silver Cross MotherI asked people who agreed with me to share yesterdays blog as wide as possible. I’m please to see it has garnered some very interesting responses. I will post them along with this blog for your viewing. I see one person who seems very opposed to changing the law regarding the wearing of medals. I think the point Greg Gibson is missing here, is this does not affect him or others who think wearing a deceased veterans is wrong. No one is going to make him do something he doesn’t want to do. Changing the law merely gives people the freedom of choice. Those who wished to wear their late father/sons medals may do so without breaking the law. On the point of, if you didn’t earn them don’t wear them, one might ask a mother who lost her only son or a wife who lost her husband if they feel no ownership of those medals?After the 1st WW it was all that many mothers and widows had left to remember the great sacrifice with. I realise I will never convince everyone and that was never my intention, I would just like to see this ineffective law revised.

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Greg Gibson
Darryl Gauthier 10:32pm Jul 24
Respectively ,you have WW2, Korea , vets, spouses of vets in the UK/ Commonwealth parading wearing their parents/ loved ones medals on the right side and it was no problem. It was only recently in Canada when we had a wanna military dress up in a uniform with medals he did not earn or no history behind it get caught that made it negative in Canada. My friend Ben served in wartime tours in the Royal Navy, Royal Canadian Navy , and like his counter parts in the UK, and elsewhere in the Commonwealth wants to wear his Dad’s WW1 medals on the right side and thinks the law should be just for all families of those who served in Canada . Considering his extensive military background and experience he does have a valid argument for debate…
Greg Gibson
Greg Gibson 10:34pm Jul 24
I see your point. My families medals are framed. I guess it doesn’t matter either way.
Greg Gibson
Daniel Blacquiere 12:18am Jul 25
Greg Gibson
James Moase 12:33am Jul 25
Hello. I’m a serving member and I agree with Darryl. The totally unacceptable actions of one individual should not negate the right of others to honour their cherished dead. Cheers.
Greg Gibson
Greg Gibson 12:33am Jul 25
Argument could be made to carry them?
Greg Gibson
James Moase 12:36am Jul 25
Sure….but medals are meant to be worn over the heart of those that earned them…carrying them in one’s hand seems a little…. ashamed ?
Greg Gibson
Greg Gibson 12:37am Jul 25
Well if you didn’t earn them then ?? Kind of equates to carrying a flag or an earn. There’s a deep respect but it wasn’t yours
Greg Gibson
Greg Gibson 12:40am Jul 25
Devils advocate. I just imagine some conservative politician who had systematically destroyed the Canadian armed forces and veterans affairs marching in some parade with his great grandfathers medals From a man he couldn’t even carry water for. But parading them almost like his own. It can go both ways. What’s next, you can wear their uniforms?
Greg Gibson
James Moase 12:41am Jul 25
I’m just one guy talking…..if something happened to me I’d rather my NOK wear my medals at Remembrance Day as o
Opposed to shoving them in their pockets or carrying them in their hands
Greg Gibson
Greg Gibson 12:42am Jul 25
Same hear. Just one guy. I’d be happy if my son was there on his day off in the crowd watching the caf members and vets March by
I just don’t see the need.
Greg Gibson
Greg Gibson 12:45am Jul 25
The saying has always gone, “earn your medal” in any labour or endeavour. That’s the whole point to wearing medals is that you earned them in my mind. But it m just a troll who likes to disagree lol.

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