Attack Ads by Conservatives?? (He is just not ready)

trudeauI’m not sure why the Conservative Party of Canada feel the need to continue publishing attack ads about Justin Trudeau. Justin is managing to damage his leadership all by himself. He seems unable to say the right thing at the right time, indeed he seems to say the wrong thing all the time!. When he first became leader of the Liberal Party things were looking up, his fathers legacy, his youthful good looks and of course his nice hair. The latter has been played up time and again by the conservatives. However, lately he has made some baffling statements that have plunged the party standings to a lowly third place in the polls. He backed the conservative bill C-51 when the whole nation was against Harper and this invasive bill. More recently, Tom Mulcair stated he would not rule out forming a coalition with the Liberals in order to defeat Harper. Trudeau, instead of saying it could be a possibility that his party might consider, he gave a definite no to the proposal saying his party would never form a coalition with the NDP. This is burning bridges and makes little sense, a politician should always keep doors open to compromise. Trudeau has done the exact opposite and I’m sure the Harper Government are delighted with his inept statements.  His earlier remarks about budgets taking care of themselves and of legalizing Marijuana were somewhat flippant but not nearly as damaging as these latest blunders. Unfortunately, I have to admit ,the conservative attack ads have got it right, Justin is just not ready!!!!That is a worry, Harper could win a very slim minority in the next election, Trudeau has paved the way for him, and by emphatically stating no coalition with the NDP has probably given Harper another four years. God forbid that would happen, surely cooler heads in the Liberal party will see the danger and make the necessary changes.  As it is Sunday I guess I will go to church now and pray that the NDP win the election!!!!!! In Politics there always seems to be something to worry about.

God Bless and keep readingbill c 51

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