Hitler ‘Tested Atomic Bomb’ In Last Days Of World War II

History was almost very, very different, according to a new German TV documentary. hitlerHitler was extremely close to unleashing an atom bomb on his enemies in the last days of World War II, according to Germany’s ZDF channel.Prototypes of the device had been tested on Russian soldiers, according to the documentary, ‘The Search for Hitler’s Atom Bomb’.Many senior Nazi scientists went on to work in the U.S. military after the war – and records remain classified, according to the documentary makers.The documentary’s claims focus on S.S. General Hans Kammler, who used 175,000 concentration camp inmates for slave labour in secret weapons factories.

The documentary claims to have uncovered documents from Russian military intelligence which suggest that the bomb had already been tested.

Soviet officers are said to have written, ‘The Germans are in the throes of making and testing a new secret weapon, which has a large destructive force.

‘The available bomb has a diameter of 1.5 meters. It consists of interlocking hollow balls.’

Difficult to know these many years later if there was any truth to this statement by the German broadcaster ZDF? It could have been true, I’m just glad it never came to be or we would be living a a very different world today.

There is a record of a conversation towards the end of the war in which Hitler mentions that a new bomb has been tested by Germany in the middle of the Baltic Sea which was able to set fire to the trees along the coast of Finland. There was also an article published in a German scientific journal in June, 1945 (the war in Europe ended on May 8) which discussed the exact details of how an atomic bomb would work. The Allies also tested German grapes growing and found that they contained abnormally high levels of radiation, suggesting some artificial exposure. However, records of the conversation among German scientists detained in Britain after the German surrender report that on hearing of the atomic bomb being dropped on Japan, they all expressed incredulity.

I leave it to my readers to judge for themselves, although it hardly matters anymore, No more Hitler no more  bomb.

God Bless and keep reading.

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