The Longest Election Campaign in Recent History

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It was reported that early Sunday morning Stephen Harper poked his head out and saw Duffy’s shadow then predicted we’d have another eleven weeks of election campaigning.


Harper added One Million Dollars of tax payers money to this election campaign for which he will get the lions share. Is it possible not to laugh at why he said we should have such a long campaign. Well he claimed he had to call the election because the other party’s were already campaigning and Good Ole Stevie wanted to be sure they followed election rules. Are you laughing??? I’m not because it really isn’t funny its just another of Harper’s schemes. The conservatives have the largest amount of money to spend and indeed have already been blatantly using tax dollars promoting all their hand outs in local riding’s. Gail Shea has been running around PEI announcing money for this project and the other projects, fixing the harbour in Tignish. Promoting the new money to replace the child tax credit, conveniently forgetting to mention most of it is paid back in taxes at April. We have a long and difficult battle ahead if we are to rid the country of Harper. He is sneaky and resorts to all sorts of dirty tricks to win. He cheats and he lies but never admits to any wrong doing himself. If he gets caught always some other poor sap is thrown under the bus as we have seen time and time again. We have to be vigilant and we must be firm this is the time for ABC, (anyone but conservative). I can honestly say I’m not overly concerned if the NDP or Liberals form the next government, just as long as it is not Harper. His time is up and he has to go.

God Bless and keep reading

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