Election thoughts & Ideas

This election is very different from any previous campaigns that I remember.  I know there has always existed a certain degree of nastiness between candidates, name calling and such. However, this is the first time I have seen and read such out and out hatred for one single candidate.  Steven Harper! he is being vilified on-line, in the press, on TV, on Stop signs, in coffee shop, in the courts,  on the street and in coffee shops all across the land. Of course, he deserves every bit of it, just look at his record over the last eight years. Not even mentioning the mess our economy is in, he has prorogued, he has approved robo-calls, election fraud, senate control, senate scandal, arrests, fought with veterans, Bev Oda orange juice,  Del Mastro, Duffy, Wright, Wallin, Sano all under the bus just to name a few.The list goes and on and on and on.  Its hard to remember there is an election going on and even harder to remember who else is running besides Harper. harpergate

However, I have an idea, that maybe could be a solution to our problems.  Perhaps we could offer Steven Harper to Greece to be their new Prime Minister. That nation has serious financial problems and have just called a snap election. With good ole boy Steve’s amazing financial record of running Canada,  he could be just what Greece needs in this time of trouble. He doesn’t speak the language but that shouldn’t be a problem because he doesn’t answer questions anyway!  However, If the language was a concern we could send Earl Cowan over as his spokesperson. We would naturally offer Steven Harper and Earl Cowan to Greece, at no charge . It might solve their financial problems and it would most definitely solve ours.

harper3Now surely this is a solution worth following up????

God Bless and keep reading

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