Beautiful Abram Village

barn burningguard 001top down mini 2One of the last things we did before selling our Ebenezer home was to burn down the old barn. It was of course supervised by the New Glasgow Fire Dept. We had found a beautiful little house with 13 acres of woodland and a pond in Abram Village. We quickly made the purchase and moved in. I have to confess I was a little anxious at first, it was in the heart of a French community, and neither Linda or I spoke French. My excuse is that I was educated in Ireland and at that time had no plans to live in France! My regrets today is that I didn’t pay more attention because we did have one lesson a week in French. However, the most painful problem is listening to someone trying to speak French with a broad Belfast accent. Anyway enough of my excuses! Abram Village is a lovely place to live, we have been here two years now and feel completely at home. We have made many friends and have wonderful neighbours.  Yet one very special moment gave me the inspiration to write about this little village we call home. Just a few days ago Linda stopped in at a neighbours house to buy some fresh vegetables, two men were in the garden and speaking French. As soon as they saw Linda approach they stopped and apologized saying they would speak English. I cannot express how polite and how nice a gesture that was, what a beautiful way to make us feel a part of the community.  Since my arrival in Canada in 1964 I have heard many nasty remarks about the French,  mostly from some rather red neckish and obnoxious English Canadians. I have lived in Canad for over 50 years and love Canada and Canadians English or French. This is a great country and Abram Village is a great place to live. Ooops! I should qualify my statement about loving Canadians, I do have one exception!!! don’t think I can honestly say I love Steven Harper!!!!

God Bless and keep reading

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