Read a Good book Lately????


Although a memoir, it is definitely not stuffy or boring, as one might, at first think.

I often hesitate picking up a book that is a memoir as it’s usually written by some retired politician, claiming if he hadn’t been cheated, would have become a great leader. My story is about real people in the real world and I can guarantee you will find it hard to put down. Below is a short excerpt from the book at age eight.

In Brief
This is a true story of the first sixteen years of my life. Before reaching my first birthday I’d lost my mother and the world was again at war. The book follows my journey through the Belfast blitz, to Scotland. The adoption by my sister and husband. Losing everything but our lives in one of the first V1 rocket attacks. In post war Britain, constantly moving and changing schools takes a toll on my education. Lily’s mental and physical abuse erodes what little confidence and self esteem I had. As I grow older, my resentment feeds a need to return to my father and family in Ireland. This is a very sad and yet sometimes funny story that will keep the reader turning pages.

I soon discover a new and strange phenomenon. I became very concerned to find my penis was often erect Apart from anything else it was difficult to pee. I was completely unaware the problem was natural. It didn’t hurt, nevertheless I was sure something was wrong. Rather than asking Lily I approached Ben in the yard one evening and explained my quandary. He readily explained in the usual sexual educational methods of the times. “Erection is normal” he says. “It just means its going to rain”. I accept his answer without question. The next morning I find myself with another erection, but the weather is dry and sunny. I decide to explore the issue further, surely a school chum will know. At the bus stop I see Tony and Agnes two of my classmates already there. I take Tony aside making sure Agnes is out of earshot. Tony who knows everything immediately confirms the question of rain. His mother told him the very same thing months ago. I’m still not convinced and pose the question, what about girls? How do they know? Tony admits he can’t answer that one. Neither of us knew much about the female anatomy, but are pretty sure they didn’t have a penis. Tony says lets ask Agnes, then shouts, hey Agnes Eric wants to ask you a question. Blushing and stuttering I ask “er .how…ur do you when its go go ing to rain. Just like everyone else you stupid boy. Well er.. yes I know that Agnes, but how can you tell?.

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God Bless and keep reading


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Author of "Lily & Me", "The Royal Navy & Me" and Chapter XXl Armageddon. Writer, blogger and RN Submariner, antique automobile enthusiast.
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