Children Yesteryear and Today

This is a wonderful video remake of a short movie clip from the 1950’s. I t shows the children from my generation and how we amused ourselves. Quite different from today’s children who mostly watch TV and play video games.  We were dirty, usually hungry, sometimes cheeky, always noisy, but never bored. We ruined our shoes kicking a ball around the streets, tore our pants climbing a tree or a fence. We raided local orchards or back gardens with apple trees. We roller skated sometime sharing one skate each, we tried to see the girls knickers while they skipped rope.  We were the children who found ways to amuse ourselves and our parents had to make us come in at bedtime rather than making us go out after school.

I realize we can’t blame everything on the children of today, school work is probably viewed as more important now than in my time. Children have to pay, or I should say their parents have to pay large sums of money to enroll their sons and daughters to play hockey or soccer. Many young struggling families just cannot afford these fees. At the same time in my day, we had little or no recreation facilities where we could go to play. Usually the fenced school play grounds were lock after school. The local city parks and gardens employed grounds keepers who chased us if we dared to sneak onto the grass to play soccer.  The local police chased us for playing football in the streets. That was a losing battle though, we scattered until the cop was gone then resumed our game . In the  video you will see two young girls swinging around a lamp post with ropes, I did that many times and have the bumps on my head to prove it. I’m not sure it would be accurate to say “The good old days” for we did have some serious problems both with health and safety.  Medicine was expensive and rarely did we see a doctor, home remedies were the cures of the times, Vick’s and aspirin and maybe a sticking plaster was all that was to be found in most households.

Nevertheless, I still look back with such fond memories of those long ago wonderful fun filled and happy times

Please view and enjoy the video

Lily & Me is an account of my childhood

God Bless and keep reading.tram1004

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