Refugee Crisis Continued

I still have difficulty having sympathy for this current crisis situation, I see angry young men yelling and shouting at Troops, border guards and officials. These people do not display the anxious  fear and fleeing from war and persecution that I would have expected to see. Once again I have great difficulty understanding people, whom are apparently in need of help and shelter, yet can refuse Red Cross parcels. In such desperate circumstances their religion permits eating non halal foods and accepting goods with the cross symbols. The news media features that I have seen mostly depict angry demonstrators protesting delays that prevent them from travelling across Europe at will. Hardly what one expects from people wishing to be accepted into a foreign nation.    I do not recall similar incidents during the evacuation of the Vietnamese to North America. They were grateful to reach safety and have since embraced the customs of their adopted country. Muslims on the other hand often protest out traditional customs, they demand we change, they claim they are offended by out Christian way of life. They demand special foods be served in schools to accommodate their beliefs. Are offended if we wish them a Merry Christmas, are offended by our dogs and the list goes on. I did not consider myself as fleeing a war zone when I immigrated in 1967. However, there was ongoing strife and sectarian violence in North Ireland at the time. My decision to come to Canada was to make a better life for myself, but I did it legally through the correct channels. On arrival I sought no special privileges or benefits, I immediately got a job and started working to support myself. I realize there are many different sets of circumstances, not everyone fits my idea of immigration. Nevertheless, entry into any nation must be lawful and orderly. It should not be demanded as a right regardless of circumstances.

1. refugee

1. A person who has been forced to leave their country in order to escape war, persecution, or natural disaster:

synonyms: displaced person · DP · escapee · fugitive · asylum seeker ·

runaway · exile · émigré · stateless person · outcast · returnee

The key words in these definitions are MOVED which means to this layman by CHOICE.

The other word is FORCED which means to this layman not by choice.

So here in the UK the men trying to get in illegally are doing so by choice. Today on BBC Scotland I heard an interview with a migrant who had made it to the UK. I quote the question was “what do you hope to do now that you are here”. The ANSWER “my lawyer is insuring that get all my entitlements”????

ENTITLEMENTS ? ? ? 1. the fact of having a right to something.

The rights they are saying is their human rights guarantee, National Healthcare, Free Housing, a weekly stipend of Cash. These migrants are illegals and should be deported immediately or placed in cells then deported. This might ease the Migrant problem. The migrants from Afghanistan, Iraq etc have

Once more I must emphasize I’m not racist or anti Muslim, I just wish to see these apparently Desperate people show a little restrain and  respect for the authorities of the nations they are attempting to enter.

God Bless and keep reading.

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