Propaganda??? Maybe??

I posted a video yesterday and asked you to take five minutes and think about it. britain firstUnfortunately I got few responses. Here is the link to the video

My first response was Wow!!! that is all true. However after thinking for a while it might also be some very clever propaganda from Britain First. No matter how one looks at this it simply does not ring true. Of course many of the statements in the video are true and can be verified.  What we must ask ourselves, is this a true statement of every single Muslim person, and that is when I begin to question the video. A  statement that has been well used at the Hungarian border is the key”we are human”. It would be unthinkable that every single Muslim man woman and child hated Christians and wish to kill us and destroy our cities etc.

People are the same the world over, they wish to live in peace, have a safe and comfortable home, have enough food for their families and can live in harmony with other like minded people. There will always be the fanatical element in our societies and it is here where the danger lurks. I recall a propaganda film that was released by the Nasis during the 2nd WW. It showed clean cut happy German soldiers marching and smiling, the film clip said They call us the savages? then the clip shifts to some starving Moroccan troops, they are tearing a live goat to pieces to eat it.  They are also depicted as rampaging uncivilized ugly natives. German propaganda at its best, but the question was,  how many Germans saw this film and believed it, probably a great many. We have to be aware of what we see in the media, not all of it is true, much is designed to shock us, make us angry and unfortunately it often works.

Think before you jump, we are all members of the human race and we are all looking for the same things. Peace.

God Bless and keep reading


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