Voting Green in Egmont! Is it an Option???

gailHerb_DickiesonnilsRobert morriseyWell that is a good question and not to mention a very difficult one to answer. I’m in a real dilemma and here are the reasons why. I do not wish to see Gail Shea win, nothing against her personally  but she represents Harper, and he really has to go.  Robert Morrissy, he is the Liberal candidate who in the last election was the reason Shea won. He decided to drop out of the race at the last moment leaving the Liberals scrambling to find a replacement candidate.  Also it raises the question of, do we want another Liberal government?. You can be sure Robert Ghiz is waiting for one so he can get himself a cushy patronage appointment.  Next we have Herb Dickeson NDP, up until a few days ago I was planning to vote for him. However, we suddenly have a Green Party candidate, Nils Ling, and in my opinion he is an excellent choice candidate. Hence my dilemma! and I know Nils will not agree  but I still feel I must vote NDP for the reasons already stated . When Nils Ling announced his candidacy he made some rather unusual comments about running for the Greens. Not quoting, but they ran along these lines ” was a bit like a suicide mission”  and “he realized he was a long shot in the riding”.  Now please understand I wanted to vote Green but by Nils own words I have been left no choice but to vote NDP if we are to defeat Shea and Morrissy.

If we had a PR system this wouldn’t be an issue but we don’t so I have to vote strategically. I have to vote for the candidate that has the best chance to represent me in Ottawa. Unfortunately that is not Nils, it clearly has to be Herb Dickeson of the NDP.  So I hope you can now understand my dilemma. Sorry Nils!!!

God Bless and keep reading.

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2 Responses to Voting Green in Egmont! Is it an Option???

  1. g2-24cc8376fc6859d6916b7dd499563894 says:

    Hey, Ben … Interesting analysis and yes, you’re quite right, I don’t agree with all your points, but we’ve had spirited discussions in the past and remained friends so this won’t be different. I’m going to clarify a couple of things : when I first took on this challenge it was daunting. Running for the Green Party has never been an easy road to political success. In fact, it could well be considered a “suicide mission”. But I thought about it and took it on without the expectation I would win. If people want politicians who only run with the expectation of winning, I submit that’s a recipe for electing opportunists.
    Since I have been out talking to folks, I’m sensing not just an anger with Steven Harper (to a degree I have never before seen) but also a general disillusionment with the entire system. People are realizing that if they do what they’ve always done, they’ll get what they’ve always gotten. And the more I talk to people the more I realize there are a lot of folks out there who want to vote Green just to break the template.
    There’s two ways to play that. You can try to game the system by voting “strategically”. That’s an idea being pushed hard by the Old Boys parties. “The most important thing is to get rid of Harper!” they say. But are you buying what they are selling? Because if that were, in their minds, the most important thing – why has not one of the close to 700 candidates running for those parties said, “I’m going to step aside and take one for the MOST IMPORTANT THING!”?
    I’ll tell you why: it’s because they know Harper is so hated and the Tories are leaking oil (and candidates) so badly that there is no chance – none – zero – of a Harper majority. And both the Liberals and NDP have come out in the last week saying no chance they would join up with Steve even in what is now considered the unlikely event he will get more seats than the others. So Steve is gone and still they are pushing for “strategic voting”? Not hard to figure out who is doing it and why.
    Look, you’ll vote how you vote and I’m just glad you’re voting. But we have all left the voting booth unhappy with what we were given as choices. We’ve all left the booth and said, “There. Fine. I voted. Now give me my sticker. I need a shower.”
    I am saying simply this: too many people fought and died to give you that one precious chance to express yourself politically. If you get gulled into voting “strategically”, you have cheapened your vote.
    Vote FOR Dr. Dickieson if he is the person who best represents your view of Canada and your aspirations for the future. He is an absolute gentleman and I have nothing but respect for him.
    But do it because you’re voting FOR him – not because you’re voting against some boogeyman who no longer poses a threat.
    Vote FOR.

    • irishroverpei says:

      We are definitely still friends and I do think Green, but still concerned about Morissey winning, not too worried about Shea, that only leaves you and Herb, so the issue is still who can win out of the these two choices???

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