A Little Known History

home guard

Fall Weekends At CVMM
Canadians in the Defence of Britain,Summer of 1940

Did this man save Britain ? Did American architect C. Howard Crane in his Home Guard uniform save Britain when it “stood alone” in 1940 ?

Of course not !…This is “Not What It Seems” at CVMM The Canadians saved Britain !
In the summer of 1940 , Britain was not alone, Canada was its main strong ally. Canadian pilots fought in the air,Canadian soldiers stood ready to repell the German invasion. Meanwhile, ships of the Royal Canadian Navy & Merchant Navy delivered food & war materiel to keep Britain fighting. the British government was so convinced of invasion that it transferred it gold bullion reserves to Canada in 1940.

In CVMM Album, “Not What It Seems- Misleading Historic Images On-Line”.

IMAGE – C. Howard Crane In Home Guard Uniform(source:Getty Images)
American architect C. Howard Crane (1885 – 1952) in the uniform of a corporal in the 1st American Mobilized Squadron of the Home Guard, a volunteer defence organisation of the British Army, UK, World War II, circa 1943. Crane is best known for designing around 250 movie theaters in North America, as well as the Earls Court Exhibition Centre in London. The portrait was taken by JCA Redhead (1886 – 1954) on Kodachrome film, which was imported from the USA and was in very short supply during World War Two. As Head of Kodak Ltd’s Photo Finishing Laboratory in Harrow, England, Redhead had access to supplies of this scarce colour film.

Who were the 1st American Mobilized Squadron ,Home Guard ?
VIDEO LINK http://www.itnsource.com/shotlist/…/1941/01/13/BGU408060061/

British prime minister Winston Churchill inspects Home Guard unit composed of members of the 1st American Mobilized Squadron during WWII

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2 Responses to A Little Known History

  1. baconburner says:

    Very interesting amigo I never knew of US home Guard in UK a wonderful tale of wartime UK.
    Keep em coming

  2. irishroverpei says:

    glad you enjoyed it

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