PNP Once More Raises its Ugly Head

Caudillo gonekevin-macadam-customking wadeWonder why I have a photo of Kevin MacAdam between the Premier and those other two well known Cronies?. Perhaps you will remember Brooke McMillan, he had to return the PNP monies he received and later lost his job. Well we have another greedy insider who also grabbed bags of money under the shady investor program. He didn’t repay a cent and is indeed still drawing a healthy salary from ACOA. He should be investigated and most certainly suspended from ACOA until he is either proven innocent or fired. Patrick Dorsey Pres of ACOA hired Kevin MacAdam giving him a soft landing into a cushy patronage job. It was later overturned and Dorsey was reprimanded for the questionable hiring. A reprimand at ACOA is next to firing. Dorsey received PNP’s for a company listed in his wife’s name “Cumberland Enterprises” . To date he has not paid back one cent of that money even though it is clearly documented he had insider knowledge and access. It is also clear he was involved in Cumberland Enterprises. What is the Premier doing about these outrageous and greedy actions——Nothing!!!! Its about time our politicians instead of talking transparency  and making statements of “let me be clear”  actually would be clear and do the right thing. Investigate these allegations and fire those who are/were involved in such deceitful practices.

Dorsey’s PNP assertion demands reexamination ‪#‎pei‬ ‪#‎pnp‬ ‪#‎greed‬ @ACOACanada

Maclauchlan stood before Islanders and stated again and again he would run a open and honest government??? well Wade its time to put your money where your mouth is.

God Bless and keep reading

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