Refugees or Invasion. Part Two

As I expected I have received several responses to the above blog heading I posted on 25th Sept. A few as expected opposed the content but most were in general agreement. It wasn’t posted to start an argument or to single out the Muslim race as the Worlds only evil. It was posted in the hope that people might start to think about the consequences of opening the flood gates to an uncontrolled and mostly illegal mass immigration. An immigration that would be difficult to halt once begun and impossible to control from a security point of view.  It was also to make people aware that the rich Muslim Nations are not interested in taking in these fleeing immigrants. One Muslim nation was quite happy to provide funds to build Mosques in Europe for the refugees. Surely I’m not the only one to find that a strange offer. Why not offer to build housing, help with resettlement,medical, education etc. Building mosques would surely not be a priority for those genuinely seeking refuge and shelter. I think the European Governments should come to an agreement to provide adequate border camps with schools and health care. Once they are established proper applications and security checks can be carried out.  Western nations cannot merely stand back while these refugees flood across the continent. There are many Christians among the refugees they could be quickly security checked and are a lesser risk than the Muslim refugees. This would immediately help to  ease the congestion. What is happening now is just not acceptable regardless of a persons views or their urgent need to offer help
An argument from a friend who supports the refugees plight gave me a rather strange comparison with Ireland. I copied and pasted his quote below.
He stated (I’m an Irish immigrant) that had I fled from Ireland during the troubles, would it have been fair to stop me at the border merely because I was Irish. (and legal) Would that be any less fair than stopping a Muslim at the European borders.  The point he misses here is that the IRA had a single enemy the British, they only wished to remove the Brits from Ireland and their goal a United Ireland. The Muslims on the other hand also have one single enemy- everyone who is not Muslim and their goal, World Domination.
Of course, one can argue not all Muslims would be fanatical some would settle peacefully and become good neighbours.  However,  in the event of a Muslim Jihad in our cities and towns how could we be sure who the enemy was?  Shades of the Vietnam war!!!
 Quote regarding the IRA
 But that’s what I mean. It would be no more fair to hold the actions of a few Irish people against the broader whole than it is to hold the actions of a few Muslims against the whole. You can’t assume that they would cause us harm or fail to integrate any more than others would assume that of the Irish. It isn’t fair in either case.
It is certainly a heartbreaking situation and understandably people with great compassion cry out to help these poor unfortunates. Yet we must act with caution keeping our own security as a priority.
Of course it is not a crisis here in Canada, thousands of refugees are not landing on our shores. Perhaps for that reason it is easier for Canadians to feel safe and secure and anxious to help.
Once more I leave it the readers to judge.  Either way Europe has a serious situation and I do not believe it is being handled with the very necessary security controls.
God Bless and keep reading

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