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nilsSeems  there is quite a few arguments about voting ones true preferred party or voting strategically. I voiced my opinion a few days ago regarding the Egmont riding.  Of course I support the Green Party and I would like to vote for them. The problem is, in doing so it may lead to another conservative win for Gail Shea, or Robert Morrisey winning for the Liberals. As I’m not keen on either of these two candidates I have to consider how my vote will be most effective.  Surely it has to be Herb Dickieson of the NDP,  I like Nils Ling and have great respect for him, but he started late in the campaign and I do not see him winning. However, the danger is he can bleed votes from the NDP allowing either of the fore mentioned to win the riding. There is a debate going on presently on Face Book and it appears several people have the same worries and position as I do.

I have copied some of the talk going on both pro and con

Darcie Lanthier
I find this so infuriating because if the NDP was serious about vote splitting they would pull some of their candidates in strong Liberal Ridings.
I got a call from an NDP canvasser last night, asking me if they could count on my vote. “I’m voting Green,” I said. The canvasser immediately burst into a harangue about how I would be splitting t…
  • Chris Alders So called strategic voting demeans democracy. Don’t vote out of fear. Vote what you believe. In my case that’s

    The Green Party of Canada is working to build a more prosperous and sustainable future for all Canadians.…


  • Anna C KeenanAnna C Keenan I’m a Green, but (somewhat controversially in Green circles) also pro-strategic voting while the broken FPTP voting system is still in place. No progress can be made on anything if Conservatives get a majority again.

    But I also believe that being reSee More

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    • Darcie Lanthier
    • Darcie Lanthier There is no such thing as an accurate poll and no chance of a Conservative being elected in Cardigan, Charlottetown or Malpeque and in Egmont the NDP and the Liberals have no one to blame but themselves.

  • Anna C Keenan
  • Anna C Keenan But yeah, this sort of impolite treatment by an NDP volunteer is pretty shitty. We should respect people’s views and not abuse them for it, whether they’re a committed supporter of any particular party, or a committed strategic voter.

  • Dennis Mackay


Dennis Mackay In Manitoba many NDP supporters will be voting!stragetically as will many Liberals!
Its hard to agree with Darcie as she make one statement “there is no such a thing as an accurate poll” but then goes on to say there is no chance of a conservative being elected in any Island riding The latter sounds a bit like a poll to me???
So folks there you have some agree some disagree, I don’t see any real answer to this dilemma until we change the ‘First Past The Post” to a more democratic system of PR.
God Bless and keep reading

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