Are We Going to let Harper Fool us Again???

nigabCanadian voters awaken!!! we cannot allow Harper to fool us again. He has managed to turn the polls in his favour by citing hatred and racism. He has undermined the NDP because they spoke honestly, and he has Trudeau trying to avoid the nasty subject altogether.  Have we forgotten the past elections,. the robo calls, the conservatives sending voters to the wrong  voting stations. The lies, the senate control, the arrests, the RCMP investigations, firings, under the bus, proroguing and the very latest,  The Barbaric Culture hot line. this harks back to a similar system used in Nazi Germany in the 1930`s.  They were all done in the past to keep Harper in power. Now he is doing it again using the Nigab, an article of clothing most Canadians were not concerned with until a few days ago.  Not until Harper made it an issue all across the country. Unfortunately it has taken on a life of its own and the Harperites are rubbing their hands together with glee. They have turned a particularly unusual and perhaps an offensive to some people, article of clothing into a major election issue. For our own sake wake up Canada, this is not an issue that deserves a vote. The nation have far more pressing issues to deal with. The economy, the jobless, health care, education, environment just to name a few. Do not allow Harper to hide behind the Nigab, not that that wouldn’t be such a bad idea, frankly I’m sick of looking at his face. I’m sick of listening to him saying “Friends let me be clear” etc etc.  Based on his rationale should we not outlaw the Mini skirt, the kilt and the worse of all the woolly winter face masks. Come on folks lets get real, the nigab is not an issue.

So what did Mulcair do that is so offensive? He told the truth. He acknowledged there are nigabtwosome components of the Muslim community that are anti-women. He rightfully pointed out not all women who wear the niqab are forced to. It is not government’s role to tell people what they can and cannot wear. He also smashed a hole in the Tory and Bloc argument … why would government choose to punish supposedly oppressed women rather than attack the male oppressor?

The time to decide is drawing near, please do not let Harper incite hatred as a reason to vote for his party. Remember!!! please remember!!! remember the past, the underhanded actions of Harper and his cronies. Many are photographed on your right. Surely the real reason to vote ABC

crooks12083746_10153063751182687_2008044919_nGod Bless and keep reading


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