One Week to Go (Phew!! at last)

gailFinally the longest election campaign in Canadian history is drawing to a close. We are down to the final week and up until yesterday not a single candidate had darkened my door asking for my vote. Gee!! do I feel neglected?? not really, do I know who I will cast my ballot for? also not really, although I do stick with my policy of ABC. Yesterday Gail Shea visited, it was the first time I have actually met with her and talked politics. She is indeed a lady of integrity with an open and honest approach.. It would be easy under any other circumstances to vote for Gail.  Sadly, she carries the load that is Steven Harper on her back, if for no other reason I cannot vote for her because of that heavy load. Gail does make a lot of sense and indeed she has done great work in this riding, in fact she may well and probably deserves to win the election. That leads me to the other rather dull candidates whom have yet to knock on my door. I have no interest in voting Liberal, Bobby Morrissey also carries a load of baggage. Not the least of which was dropping out of the last election campaign at the last moment and leaving the local party executive scrambling.  Not the sort of candidate one would or could put their trust in. The two remaining candidates are my enigma,  Herb Dickieson NDP and Nils Ling Green. I do not agree with all the NDP policies, in particular they say they will reduce the Employment Insurance wait time to only nine weeks, I don’t believe that is good for the province or the nation. If we want Canada to be the kind of place we can be proud of then we have to be prepared to work hard. Now I realize many will shout, hey! why don’t you tell us where the jobs are?? my answer is a question, why do we need to bring in foreign workers to do the less attractive work. Are we just too special too proud to get our hands dirty and too selective of what we do?. Just my opinion! but then I have never drawn EI in all my time in this great land. But, lets move on, what about Nils and the Greens, I really do like the Green Party but if I vote for Green is my vote wasted?. Naturally, Nils will tell me no vote is ever wasted, and to a point I would agree. However, does he have any hope of winning the riding?? No.  Could he cause the vote to split? very possibly.  If we had a system other than first past the post then voting Green wouldn’t be an issue, but we don’t.  So when we talk strategic voting we are talking about NDP vs Greens. Surely if my aim is to see both the Ccnservatives and the Liberals lose then I have to decide who next has the best chance of succeeding and I feel that must be the NDP. But what do I know?????

God Bless and keep reading


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