Remembrance Day and who may Wear Medals

ww2medalslegionYou might be wondering if I’m still challenging the Canadian law pertaining to who may wear medals on Remembrance day and other such suitable occasions? The answer is a resounding yes, but even though Nov 11th is drawing near I decided that whilst the nation is in election mode, it is not the best time to pursue my goals. I’m prepared and will launch the next phase of my challenge just after the election is over. In the meantime what have I been doing?  I have asked on more than one occasion both Dominion and Provincial Commands to explain the need for this law. To date I have heard nothing substantive, one  Provincial Command president in an email suggest I was confused and didn’t understand!!! However, he did not try to enlighten me. Other than that no one has responded, it seem they are following a policy of “ignore him and he will go away”. Unfortunately, my perception of the Royal Canadian Legion has changed, it seems to me the legion is run by a handful of members at Dominion and a handful at Provincial level. These members appear to have taken it upon themselves to make all the decisions regardless of other members points of view. The fact I’m being ignored would bear out this suggestion. This a a shame because I believe the Legion is a great organization and I’m a proud and long time member. However, every member has a right to be heard and ones concerns treated respectfully. My question is simple, why should a widow/mother of a fallen veteran not be allowed to wear their loved ones medals (on right Breast) as a mark of pride, in memory and respect to a Remembrance day service. As the law now stands to do so that widow/mother could be arrested and prosecuted.  Does that make any kind of sense??? it sure doesn’t to me. Most other Commonwealth countries have no such law and relatives may wear their late loved ones medals in their memory.  It is a very old tradition that began shortly after the First World War. In cities, towns and villages all across the Empire they erected cenotaphs and memorials to those who made the ultimate sacrifice. Thousands of mothers, widows, sons and daughters came to the unveiling ceremonies .  They wore the medals of their fallen loved ones with a great sadness, pride and in memory. That proud tradition continues all over the World to this day, but not in Canada??????

One might consider the Legion has lost its way. I note that we now have as many veterans in Canada as we did at the end of the Second World War. Yet legion membership is dropping at an alarming rate, and is presently under 300,000 nationally. The big question is why? why are the new veterans not joining?   is it not the time for the legion to make some changes in their old and long held policies????. Are they really “Preparing for the 21st Century”

If you agree with my sentiments please share this.

God Bless and keep reading.


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