Blue Jays Win!!!!

jaysI might be risking some abusive comments today by talking about baseball. Its not my sport, for me soccer rules, much faster much more exciting and many more skill required. Having said that I will admit I found the last two games of the Blue jays quite easy to watch. I, like so many fans, I had that feeling of pride and patriotism in our Canadian team as they were winning the series. Nevertheless, I found some aspects of the game of baseball quite disgusting. Why do the camera crews insist on showing us  shot after shot of the management people spitting. They appear to spit at every turn and everywhere they go, do they think it makes them look cool, or very serious, maybe very concerned, perhaps deep in thought. Whatever the reason its not the part of the game I want to see televised. I can only imagine the state of the floors in and around the dugouts. I saw one of the officials with what might have been mistaken for a severe cast of the Mumps! or perhaps an imitation of a chipmunk, he had a huge bulge in his right cheek from whatever he had in his mouth. Ugh!!! Very happy that the Blue Jays won and I hope they go on to greater things, but sorry, its not enough to make me a fan of the game of baseball.   Okay! time for me to take cover from all the ardent baseball fans waiting to spit on my views!!!!

God Bless and keep reading

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