0_around_edinburgh_-_holyrood_park_031184_1024mail boxI consider myself qualified to make comment on the subject of door to door mail delivery. During my time in the Navy (1954-66.) I looked forward to receiving mail from home. Even after the Navy I still had the need to check for mail each day, a habit carried over from my days at sea.  Today however, mail no longer excites me, heck what mail!! we rarely receive letters anymore. Junk mail by the bucket load, but that does nothing to stir my need to urgently check the mail, unless it happens to be garbage bin day. Seriously, times have changed, if I were in the Navy today my mail would be electronic, email!! That brings me to the election and the politicians promising to bring back door to door delivery. One might ask is it really necessary, or more to the point, wise?? Considering the amount of actual mail moving through the post offices these today it probably isn’t enough to necessitate a daily door to door delivery.  We have moved too far from door to door delivery to go back, the costs would be enormous and very wasteful. Community mail boxes work well for most citizens, and for those who find it difficult accommodations can be found.

Why not have a registry for citizens who for reasons of health or disability require home delivery. A system of weekly delivery could be set up, it would not be difficult to do in the larger City’s and Towns. In rural areas perhaps volunteers with a small expense allowance could do a weekly mail delivery, perhaps similar to Meals on Wheels. We have to move with the times, just because we expect door to door doesn’t mean we will have it for ever. When was the last time you bought a stamp? last time I did I licked the back of stamp because I was unaware they are now self adhesive. When I was young we had a daily delivery of milk, bread trucks came around almost daily, laundry firms picked up and delivered washing. The postman came twice daily, morning and afternoon post. Just think of all the ways life has changed, most people have cars, huge shopping centres that cater to almost everything we could ever need. Remember the fuss over seat belts, how many people claimed they’d never wear one!  As the song says “The Times they are a Changing” . I would hope our politicians might understand that and stop promising to bring back things that are obsolete. Of course having said that I realize its the politicians that are the problem, can you remember the last time your local MP actually delivered!!!!!While I’m on the subject of mail, it would be nice if Canada Post installed litter baskets to community boxes. A better solution than having the junk mail scattered on the lawns and sidewalk.

God Bless and keep reading.

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Author of "Lily & Me", "The Royal Navy & Me" and Chapter XXl Armageddon. Writer, blogger and RN Submariner, antique automobile enthusiast.
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