The Pesticide Hoax?????

fishkill capitol of Canada10552581_271803659682485_965015307353329839_nWhen I first heard this very sincere and indeed believable doctor claim that the pesticides being used on PEI were quite harmless, I said wait minute!!! what about the dead fish? The letter I have posted I agree with completely. Please read.

From Maureen Kerr, I agree 100%!
There’s a little drama going on in PEI these day and I’ll try and fill you in as succinctly as possible. This is way more than willful blindness – this is willful deception.
– the chief public health office of PEI released a 350 report on the systemic effects of pesticides on health:
– they also released their report – their study of the report, and an FAQ of these reports.
– they quietly put it up on their website, not telling anyone until CBC found it and interviewed Dr. David Sabapathy, P.E.I.’s Deputy Chief Public Health Officer who told the public: Pesticides are not a ‘significant public health risk’…/prince-…/pei-pesticides-report-1.3356042
– this raised outrage and alarm amongst people throughout PEI and across Canada who have been contacting us and calling “BS” on the report (found on Pesticide Free PEI’s Facebook page and on the CBC article).
– I personally have spoken at length with three separate research scientists who have studied the reports and have called the findings “faulty” and are extremely concerned at how PEI’s public health office has come to the conclusions that they have.
– One scientist, who is also concerned about the health effects of pesticides and nitrates mixed together, and the harmful effects of LOW doses of pesticides, said that the report had no findings about fungicides which are 80% of the pesticides used on PEI.
In the meantime, I want answers from Minister of Health Doug Currie as to how his department is allowing misinformation to be disseminated to the public of PEI when Ontario has issued a report on the EXACT SAME data and research and came to the conclusion to WARN people in Ontario (where they have a very minimal exposure risk compared to what people on PEI are exposed to) of the harmful effects of pesticides.
It is completely audacious and egregious of the government of PEI to do this. They left out critical information from these reports that are pertinent to anyone on PEI – pesticide exposure causes significant health risks, especially at the outrageous amounts that are being dumped on PEI – nowhere else in Canada are people exposed to as much as we are here.
Who is really behind all of this??? Why would the government want people to think there is nothing wrong with pesticides on PEI? How could they be so blatantly obvious in trying to whitewash information – do they think we are stupid? I hope others are as outraged as I am.

More from our absolutely transparent provincial government.

God Bless and keep reading

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