Trident a Deterrent to War.

I read a complete and long argument for and against the UK Government building of the new Trident White Ensign on HMS BelfastNuclear missile submarines. It has become necessary to replace the aging Vanguard class as Britain’s fist line of defense. Since the days of Flower Power and Make Love not War slogans and people dressed in simple cloth with bands around their lone hair we have had protests about nuclear weaponry.  In the modern world these same protesters dress in suits and have neat article-2016667-0D13A2D000000578-904_964x692hair cuts, but their message is the same.    They highlight the costs!! money being wasted on unnecessary weapons that will never be used. They demand this money be better spent in health care and or housing. However, two important facts are avoided, firstly the cost of a Trident compared to the cost of health care is minuscule, secondly, having a first line defense against a would be assessor would be priceless should such a fate befall the UK. The fact is the nuclear totemdeterrent has protected our peace for half the 20th century and into the 21st. One should remember in the first 50 years of the 20th century we suffered through two World Wars with catastrophic loss of life and destruction of half of Europe.  It was the fear of nuclear war that kept the cold war cold, just remember the Cuban Crisis. I realize we here in Canada have the luxury of depending on the USA for our defense, we fortunately fall under their nuclear umbrella of security. However, the United Kingdom has no such luxury and must photodefend itself. I suspect that without the nuclear deterrent,Britain wouldn’t long need a health care system either. I hope you will read the brief article I have posted below regarding this subject. We of a military background are not warmongers, we are peacekeepers. We stand on guard for you.

“Supporters of Trident are hawks, warmongers or don’t appreciate what nuclear war would mean”

Many so-called ‘peace campaigners’ arrogantly assume they possess the moral high ground and that those supporting Trident are indifferent to the possibility of nuclear war or are ignorant of its horror. The opposite is true, many generations of RN submariners have conducted deterrent patrols at great personal sacrifice to themselves and their families, dedicating their lives to keeping the peace. Every sailor departing on patrol is fully aware of the consequences of nuclear exchange and fervently hope they will never have to press the button, knowing they would return to a nation in ashes with their families gone. By doing their duty they actively help reduce that possibility, making it less likely nuclear conflict will occur. While the protesters have been shouting about peace, the Royal Navy has actually been keeping the peace with dignity and professionalism.

Nuclear weapons have created long term-peace and democracy resulting in unparalleled prosperity in Europe and much of the world. Ironically it is the nuclear umbrella that has allowed a pampered generation to grow up, largely shielded from the horrible reality of conventional war and able to indulge their unilateralist views. Without the nuclear balance we would either be living under totalitarian domination or in a continuous cycle of war and conflict, more familiar to older generations who instinctively understood our need for strong defence.

God Bless and keep reading.

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Author of "Lily & Me", "The Royal Navy & Me" and Chapter XXl Armageddon. Writer, blogger and RN Submariner, antique automobile enthusiast.
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2 Responses to Trident a Deterrent to War.

  1. Neville PEARSON says:

    Hi Ben,
    Checking out your photos I came across HM S/M Totem. I also served on her from Sept 19757 to Jan 1958 during a Med commission. Bert Mills signed off as skipper on my S-459 Dec 31st 1957.
    Dec 31st 1956 I spent in Episkopi, HMS Aphrodite Cyprus, having been out there for the duration of the SUEZ do.

  2. irishroverpei says:

    Sadly the totem now sits at the bottom of med

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