Abortion Right or Wrong

I must apologize and offer a correction to my blog regarding the letter to the editor. I refer to the writer a “she” when in fact the nurse was male. Sorry folks just a typical male assumption that all nurses are female.

This has become a topic of much discussion here on PEI with the recent threat from the hospital stay2Pro abortionist to take the provincial government to court. It appears they have a reasonable chance of winning too. My own feeling in this argument has been somewhat neutral over the continuing pros and cons.  I suppose if I’m honest I was leaning toward having an abortion service available on the island.  Having said that, it was not a subject that produced strong feelings either way, although I was certainly against abortion as a convenient method of birth control. A few days ago I read a very interesting and intelligent letter to the editor from a registered nurse. She stated that should the pro abortionist take the government to court the government should fight against the clinic. She said this was neither for or against abortion, her objection was the priorities in health care. There are so many other medical services required but not available at out major hospital. She pointed out that many hundreds of islanders travel off island for special treatments daily. These people have to travel for up to four hours to Halifax or Saint John, they have, to in most cases pay their own expenses. An abortion service may be obtained in Moncton in just 1 1/2 hours travel from PEI.

This came home to me from personal experience a few years ago regarding unavailable services.  I was taken to the emergency room at the QEH with a suspected heart attack. Blood tests showed an abnormality,  doctors said while unsure it was a heart attack would treat it as such just in case. I spent a week in the Q E Hospital as a low priority heart case, I say low because other patients requiring such things as pace makers were sent ahead of me.  Finally six days after arriving at the emergency room I was  sent to Halifax where a dye test was carried out. It immediately showed I had four serious blockages, the main artery to my heart was over 95% blocked. I was told I had been very lucky just the tiniest piece of loose plaque and I could have dropped dead on the spot. That tells me the dye test is one of many priority medical services needed at the QEH ahead of an abortion clinic. I’m sure there are many other urgent medical services needed at our hospital, it is  a case of what can be afforded on the tightly stretched health budget. Wasting money on a court case over abortion rights is not the way to proceed in my opinion. Of course there are those who will say, “you are just a man what do you know”and on that comment I will rest my case.

God Bless and keep reading

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