No Birthday Suit Bathing Photo of Me!!.

book cover_0001Well here I’m about to start working my way through to my next birthday starting today on the 16th January 2016.. I just want to use this blog to thank all my family and all my relatives and all my wonderful friends for their so very kind wishes and greetings. I was indeed bless to receive so many Face Book and blog messages with such generous words and thoughts for my special day. It was a quiet day no wild party’s no excessive Black Bushing, no dancing or singing, most exciting event so far, just took my daily medications!!! On Caroline’s Birthday I posted a photo of her at three years of age in the bath tub, and yes I apologized to her after. However, one or two young lady’s expressed their disappointment that I had no photo of myself in the tub. I’m so sorry for that lapse in judgement,  I did consider attempting to take a selfie in the shower. However,being ever cautious I considered the risks involved with such an undertaking. There was a high probability I would ruin my smart phone in a deluge of water. However, and more importantly was the risk that I might slip on the soap while posing causing myself a serious injury. So lady’s you will have to rely on your imaginations. The best I can do is this recent photo of a visit to my foot clinic specialist, she is demonstrating good foot care bathing practices, and I’m paying particular attention to this most important part of foot care.bubble-baths-good-for-skin-1

God Bless and keep reading

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Author of "Lily & Me", "The Royal Navy & Me" and Chapter XXl Armageddon. Writer, blogger and RN Submariner, antique automobile enthusiast.
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5 Responses to No Birthday Suit Bathing Photo of Me!!.

  1. baconburner says:

    Happy Birthday My Fellow Capricorn. Sorry I am late but ……there is always a but….

  2. irishroverpei says:

    Better late than never as they say. So when is your birthday?

  3. irishroverpei says:

    Happy Birthday my septuagenarian friend.

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